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  1. CatsandCrops

    Fowl Pox? Tumor? Growth appearing on side of head/beak

    Just an update! I waited for help/my husband to get home to check it after seeing the comment - it was rock hard and not moving at first. My husband (FF/EMT so I let him take the lead ahah) did a small prick with a needle to see if anything would come out; some yellow liquid/puss did come out...
  2. CatsandCrops

    Fowl Pox? Tumor? Growth appearing on side of head/beak

    We have been out of town on vacation since 7/9/21 (today is the 18th) - that morning I did my final checks of the chicken coops (two coops - one holding 7 hens, the one in question lives here, who are about 1 year and 5 months old. The other coop has 5 hens who were born in March) and everything...
  3. CatsandCrops

    ISO Bantam (barred rock, if available) chicks near Cleveland OH

    The area we're in states that all stores must sell chicks in groupings of 6 - private sales are allowed to be less than. If we have to go that route with 6, we'll make it work, but would prefer 3 or 4.
  4. CatsandCrops

    ISO Bantam (barred rock, if available) chicks near Cleveland OH

    Good morning - we are looking for 3-4 Bantam chicks to add to our flock, who will be moving into their own brand new coop and run that was built in the fall. We have a very docile and much smaller than standard Barred Rock who would be moving in with them when the time is right, so we are...
  5. CatsandCrops

    OHio ~ Come on Buckeyes, let me know your out there!

    Where are you specifically in Ohio?
  6. CatsandCrops

    Chickens not drinking too much?

    I've found on really cold days here, they will drink less than normal water, but when it warms up to the 30s (why did we choose such a tundra where I say, "warm up to the 30s" like that's warm lol) they will drink a bit more. I say as long as they are acting normal it's no biggie. I also compare...
  7. CatsandCrops

    Worm composting (aka Chicken snacks with a job)

    I'm not sure where you're located at but I'm from the frozen tundra of North East Ohio where it currently feels like 9 degrees outside; we have to keep our worm farm indoors to keep them from freezing. We did ours in a double bin set up and have had it three years; we empty it completely in the...
  8. CatsandCrops

    Looking for ideas for chicken entertainment during freezing temps!

    I recently took a plastic container that strawberries came in, threw in a large handful of their regular pellet food, shut the container and watched them kick it around like a soccer ball for a solid hour trying to work out all the pellets. I liked that it 1) takes literally less than a minute...
  9. CatsandCrops

    Do yo feed Your flock KITCHEn scraps...

    They get daily kitchen scraps - we eat a ton of veggies so all the carrot/celery/radish/parsnip/cucumber tops and skins etc go to them (unless I need to make broth, then we get those first lol). They LOVE brussels sprouts the most and will literally run each other over when they realize it's...
  10. CatsandCrops

    ISO Barred Rock Bantams near Cleveland, OH

    You're near Racoon Creek right?? We've been there a few times :) Prices? and are they sexed? We could have a roo but this second coop is closer to our neighbors so I'd be nervous they'd complain
  11. CatsandCrops

    ISO Barred Rock Bantams near Cleveland, OH

    I appreciate the offer! You're a bit too far of a drive for us thought - almost 6 hours from our location.
  12. CatsandCrops

    OHio ~ Come on Buckeyes, let me know your out there!

    EE Bantams or standards? I know that standard EEs are a bit on the small side, but we def want bantams due to our current situation (we have built a second coop specifically to house the lone bantam chick we received in our order last spring so she isn't bullied with the standards - want to give...
  13. CatsandCrops

    ISO Barred Rock Bantams near Cleveland, OH

    When we got our 9 chicks last spring; one happened to be a bantam and she's been given hell for being so tiny. We decided to build her a second coop and get some bantam friends -- yes, I know, we're softies. We're looking to add 3 bantams to our new coop. Any one have any leads? It was a weird...
  14. CatsandCrops

    OHio ~ Come on Buckeyes, let me know your out there!

    Morninggggggg - I'm near Cleveland and am looking to buy 3 barred rock bantams when the weather breaks, anyone hatching chicks?
  15. CatsandCrops

    Breakfast is Served

    Spoiled chickens are usually happy chickens; nothing wrong with that!
  16. CatsandCrops

    First-winter molt

    I thought I was having pecking issues when I saw my first two layers, also born in March, begin their partial molt about 3-4 weeks ago. They lost and are growing in most of their feathers on the back of their head and upper neck, plus some around their tail.
  17. CatsandCrops

    Hens staying out of coop at sunset after first snow...

    My chickens were very confused about life with their first snow ("the sky is falling and PILING UP MOMMMMM LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK"); they all stayed out later than normal but eventually went in. Maybe they were exploring and missed the door closing time frame?
  18. CatsandCrops

    Watering chickens in the winter

    Inside our coop we have a vertical nipple system that has a smaller inverted water jug feeding it. It hasn't frozen yet this year even though we've gotten down into the teens overnight and had 2.5 feet of snow soooo we'll tackle that issue if needed. We're thinking of using insulation for pipes...
  19. CatsandCrops

    Can chickens eat boiled apples as a warm winter treat?

    I do this too with the dust/crumbles that accumulate at the bottom of our feeders so none of it is wasted; they FREAK out when I do it, like I'm bringing warm gold for them to eat ahah
  20. CatsandCrops

    Official BYC Poll: What Is Your Perspective On Chickens For Meat

    Joffrey, Arya, Sansa, Cersei, Daenarys, Catelyn, Margaery, Shae...and Dee (You're a bird Dee) :)
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