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  1. motoclown

    Winterizing Cp

    Winterizing the C(*)(*)P ~Before~ ~After~ The back side Under the coop We turned a truckbed liner over for rain & snow protection Snow Shoveled a path from the coop to under the trampoline, boy oh boy, were they happy to see dirt and grass! We are working on insulating the inside and...
  2. Pics Chickens Coop Clowns Eggs

    Pics Chickens Coop Clowns Eggs

    2010-09-08 Extra Large Egg & an extra small egg Cooking the eggs in butter The South Side of the Coop during Summer My little round window, I worked on for days Trying to keep the racoons out...
  3. Motoclowns Brooder Coop

    Motoclowns Brooder Coop

    "Brooder/Coop" February 2011 Outside of the brooder. Inside the brooder. Checking the temperature. March 1st 2011 Roost I built using a dowel rod from the craft store and 2 blocks of wood. Checking out the new Ramp I built them On top of the jar. Brooder has doubled in size. "Fun Run," I...
  4. Motoclowns Coop 2

    Motoclowns Coop 2

    c00p #2 It has begun, The Great Chicken Addiction. Started gathering Ideas and Items. FREE= Pallets, 2 wooden doors, trailor, 2 windows, 3 bundles of shingles 2 wooden boxes, mesh metal scraps & sheeting, house paint, tar paper. BOUGHT=2x4's, 1x3's, sheets of plywood, 3 small boxes of screws...
  5. Motoclowns Chicken Coop

    Motoclowns Chicken Coop

    2010-08-10 ~CAN'T GET RIGHT~ One of my girls, her name is .Can't Get Right ...............a chicken coop built on a shoestring budget w/donated materials and and as many recycled items as we could find and use.........a work in progress........ *(Many thanks to Scully for building my dream coop...
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