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  1. K Spot

    Those quirky, silly Frizzled/Sizzled Naked Necks thread

    There was a request to start a frizzled/sizzled NN thread, so here it is! Pics, posts and stories of your outrageous frizzled or sizzled NN's are welcome! I'll start off. This is Rizo, my 8 week old frizzled NN bantam - she has a rose comb and 5 toes. A complete mutt but I love her all...
  2. K Spot

    Bubbles the Silver Dorking - From on deaths door to hatching her own brood *Pic heavy*

    This thread is dedicated and all about the trials and tribulations of my Silver Dorking, Bubbles. I first bought Bubbles back at the start of the year to replace my Salmon Faverolle who unfortunately passed away from an unknown illness. She was about 4 months old - cute, quiet and happy as...
  3. K Spot

    New Member here!

    Greetings from Australia. I'm new here, and new to owning chickens. I currently have a Speckled Sussex pullet, Coronation Sussex pullet, an Orpington x pullet and 2 Lavender Tailed Araucana's. Not too sure on their genders yet, but will be asking about that soon. Good to be here and I...
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