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  1. fuzziecreatures

    Need help for my duckling... Slipped tendon

    2 weeks ago I noted that one of the ducklings was starting to have a hard time walking. I started putting electrolytes in the water again and then went out and got NutriDrench for their water. In the day it took me to get the NutriDrench, 3 more ducklings started and the first duckling was...
  2. fuzziecreatures

    Duck with injured eye

    2 days ago I noticed my 9 month old Welsh Harliequin duck shaking her head a lot in the coop. I don't know exactly what happened. Maybe the 2 drakes were fighting over mating her and someone grabbed her face instead of her neck. I've been keeping her with everyone else the last 2 days but...
  3. fuzziecreatures

    Southwestern PA 2 Runners and 1 Welsh Harlequin

    I got 9 ducklings from TSC this spring. 2 casualties, so 7 remain. They are now 9 weeks old and the runners are going through their molt. I didn't really want the runners but as we all know, TSC employees have no clue what the poultry breeds are. They were calling the runners pekins! They...
  4. fuzziecreatures

    Baby Mallards hatching very soon

    Federal law requires home hatched mallards must, prior to 6 weeks of age, be physically marked using one of the following methods: (a) Removal of the hind toe from the right foot. (b) Pinioning of a wing by removing the metacarpal bones of one wing or a portion of the metacarpal bones thereby...
  5. fuzziecreatures

    Limping duck, broke toe 2 weeks ago

    My 1 year old Mallard duck got caught in the deer netting trying to leave the yard. She was leaving to lay her eggs in the neighbor's yard. She decided to sit on eggs in the neighbor's yard, I thought it would be a great time for her to rest her foot. BUT, the nest was raided and she...
  6. fuzziecreatures

    HELP! Need to incubate duck eggs

    My mallard duck decided to go lay her eggs in the neighbors yard because I kept taking them from her. I wasn't really planning on having more mallards. Well she has been missing for a week, coming back for meals so I knew what she was doing. I found her nest this weekend. She was sitting on...
  7. fuzziecreatures

    Graphic Photos in post* Dead poult

    Turkeys are 5 weeks old, they have been on the ground for 2 1/2 weeks now. I noted blood tinged stool last saturday and started Corid in their water. A poult was noted to be lethargic, inappetance, forced to drink. My husband is terrified of blackhead in the turkeys. I am guessing it is just...
  8. fuzziecreatures

    Need help with my coop renovation

    2x4 roosts from ceiling Old hollow door they sleep on, usually covered with 1/2" thick rubber but I pulled it off to scrub it Old nest boxes, will be replaced. So this is going away. Replacing with 6 hole roll out nest. Cleaned out coop and the old cheap dresser they use for nests...
  9. fuzziecreatures

    New babies from TSC

    New babies that came from assorted ducks bin at TSC. 2 of these yellow ones with tan on their faces and they are tiny 4 of these cute little buggers, they have little greenish legs Welsh Harlequin??!? I would be SO excited!! 2 black ducks Another view of the quads Help?!
  10. fuzziecreatures

    Winter feeding- fermented vs. dry

    Trying to decide to continue fermented feed through the winter again this year or just give them dry 2-3 times daily. I'm off to work now so I'll check in later. I did fermented feed last year and my 14 yr old had to do it because my Raynaud's made it very difficult to do it. They also ended...
  11. fuzziecreatures

    New to ducks

    We got 6 ducklings today. I have no clue how old they are, maybe a week or so. I can get a rough idea on chicks on their age but ducklings, no clue. They are either Rouen or Mallard and I have no clue how to tell the difference. We have them in the brooder with the new peeps that we just...
  12. fuzziecreatures

    Rooster Fight~Butt kicking by Daddy

    First of all, I have my 2 roos separated because they have fought before and 1 of them is my project rooster. My 13yr old son feeds the chickens in the mornings and usually remembers to latch the project run door. Friday, he forgot to latch the door. The wind blew the door open and Wattles...
  13. fuzziecreatures

    No Broodies!!!

    My 3 bantams have normally gone broody by the end of February. This winter sucks! One of my bantam girls was on the nest for 3 days then just when I was going to give her eggs from my project birds she abandons the idea. *sigh* Some of my project birds were beating on the others so I had to...
  14. fuzziecreatures

    Free chicks from in-laws friend

    About 2 months ago, my father in law called and asked us if we wanted more chicks. A friend of his decided he wanted laying chickens and ordered 15 without consulting his spouse. Needless to say, she was NOT happy and said there was no way she was allowing them. Now he had these chicks coming...
  15. fuzziecreatures

    Injury or something worse?!?

    1) What type of bird , age and weight Salmon Faverolle, hen, 18 months, approx. 4-5 pounds.a 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Normal, unsure if laying regularly 3) How long has the bird been exhibiting symptoms? Started 7/28 pm, noticed a little swollen left eye while on the roost. 7/29 am...
  16. fuzziecreatures

    Ok, I need some help

    I don't use an incubator, I normally use a broody hen. I have a mixed breed bantam hen who I started out with 9 eggs under her 3 weeks ago, 5 mixed breed and 4 black copper marans eggs. All 5 mixed breed eggs hatched a day or 2 early, 1 bcm egg didn't develop past week 1, 1 bcm egg died late...
  17. fuzziecreatures

    Opinions on Muddy Run Fix

    Every spring and winter our run gets very muddy and stinky! We have had a lot of rain this summer and our run is nasty! We have several chickens with feathers on their feet.... or rather did. The mud and muck has made the feathers fall out or the chickens pull them out. My husband has easy...
  18. fuzziecreatures

    Buff Brahma Gender Confirmation

    Last year we ordered 50+ chicks from Meyer Hatchery, 25 Brown Layer Assortment, 25 Rare Layer Assortment. All straight run, we didn't mind getting cockerels because they give us food as well. We ended up with ALL pullets. I had to sell 26 birds, I couldn't overwinter that many. We didn't get...
  19. fuzziecreatures

    Cracked eggs, before laying

    Our EE Charleene, who is about 18mos old. Has recently started laying weird eggs. She is not laying on a regular basis, she went from 5-6/wk to 2-3/wk. We feed layer pellets, grit, scratch and they free range quite a bit. Here is what her eggs have been looking like:
  20. fuzziecreatures

    Late blooming chicks?

    Is it possible to have all 48 chicks from a hatchery to be late bloomers? I ordered straight run chicks from a hatchery for delivery at the end of march. They are 15 weeks old today. There are 2, 1 New Hampshire and 1 Production Red that have some comb growth. I have 6 Salmon Faverolles, 2...
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