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  1. Zuesdude

    I'm losing my feathers

    I have twenty two lady’s, No Rooters, that have been losing their feathers on their backs and on their bottoms. They all seem to be fine, just look like their molting. Is that what I have molting birds and if so why have they been doing this since winter.
  2. Zuesdude

    ****Chicken Flicking****

    I was wondering does any one else Chicken Flick? You know, It's that game where you FLICK bread into the run and try to get the bread into a cup or food bowl for points or a big laugh before the Chickens get it. Or what game do you play with your chickens?
  3. Zuesdude

    **113 Ways To Cook An Egg**

    I understand that a chefs hat, has 113 folds on the top of his hat for the 113 ways to cook an EGG. DO YOU KNOW ANY OF THE 113 WAYS TO COOK AN EGG? Please No Duplications >> Igoteggstoeat<<
  4. Zuesdude

    How many week for White Leghorns to start laying

    I have twenty four birds 6 sexlinks 6 RIR and 12 White Leghorns that I bought at Tractor Suppy Co. I'm getting about 21 brown eggs a day now a 23 weeks old but no white eggs from the WL. How many weeks before your White Leghorns stated laying eggs? The photo is a picture of "MARBLE", a sexlink...
  5. Zuesdude


    Someone stated that I started a new fad with my Wagon Wheel...and said my Wagon Wheel was a Chicken-Go-Round. I say that is Stuck-On-Stupid,, funny. <<<<<< See the avatar photo. thanks
  6. Zuesdude

    Post Correection

    Is there any way of going back and correcting your own post for spelling erors or smilies that don't come right up?
  7. Zuesdude

    Secret Codes

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a list of those codes that every one uses like DH,EE I think DH means Dear Husband but it could be something else. Please Help....
  8. Zuesdude


    Can anyone tell me how you put a photo on your message post page. You know when you post a message and under your name is a really cool photo of chicken walking or more personal like a photo of yourself.
  9. Zuesdude


  10. Zuesdude

    Columbus, Ohio

    Columbus, Ohio I would like to see how many people we have in the Coumbus, Ohio area or in the city limits of one of the surrounding community close to Columbus. Let see if any one has any birds to trade? Let see if there is anyone close to where you live that will build you a coop? Let...
  11. Zuesdude

    Chicken Tunnel

    Hay gang Question: Has anyone had a Chicken Tunnel. You know that crazy thing that newbie's do when they build their coop & run. OK it's that crazy thing that I did. Ok.... My problem is not that they can go back inside the coop it's that they will not go back in them self at night or go back...
  12. Zuesdude


    I just put my 10 week old lady's out last Sunday in thier new run and they will not go back into the coop at night and now we have a Strom Coming. Do you think they will go back into the coop when it starts raining or do I need to put them back in?
  13. Zuesdude


    OK... Over the weekend I was able to finish my run. It was great watching my lady's come out side for the frist time. I only hope someday I can get them to go back inside, maybe when it rains. What do youal thing about my set up? OR What's wrong with it so I can make it better!
  14. Zuesdude

    What is your feeding Schedule

    Hay Guys....I have some questions,... What is your Feeding Schedule, Keeping in mind that there should allways be water available for the birds. What Time Do You Feed? Do you feed morning and night? Do you use night feeding to get your birds inside? What is the best time frame to feed, For...
  15. Zuesdude

    "Coop" Sun Lighting

    Can anyone tell me how much sun light is good enough inside the coop? Sould there only be enough sun light for the chickens to see each other, or so they see and feel the light but not HOT sun light. My coop is under trees and the coop window is facing the South. There's light inside but the...
  16. Zuesdude

    Red Star, Sex Link, turn White??

    Hello All... I'm a newbie to the chicken world and am amazed at the wonder of coop designs out there, but right now... I just don't understand why my Red Stars Sex Link would turn White?? I read that the males sometime turn white! I bought all hens and was going to get a Roo from someone else...
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