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  1. Seaecho

    Marek's? Need help!

    We lost a pullet to what I think was Marek's last October, so it's been ten months. My four remaining chickens have been fine. The one in question is a year and a half old now, and I noticed symptoms that look neurological to me this morning. Not limping like the one we lost did initially, but...
  2. Seaecho

    Toenail ripped off, swollen toe

    I got the scare of my life today when one of my bantam cochins began limping. I lost my dear Silky to Marek's last October, and I thought it had come back. My heart was broken. But I picked her up and looked at her left foot. The toe is completely missing and her actual toe is swollen a bit. I...
  3. Seaecho

    HELP! Reaction to Adams flea spray???

    I sprayed all four of my bantams yesterday with Adams. I sprayed them well, and they were damp when I was done. This morning, the cochins are acting neurological IMO. Tripping over their dishes (although not excessively) and one ran into the side of the cage three times. The Sizzle might be...
  4. Seaecho

    My chicken sounds like a kazoo!

    I'm not kidding. One of my bantam cochins is making a sound today that I've never heard a chicken make. Like a kazoo or a kid learning to play the trumpet is the closest I can get to describing it. She is acting totally fine, eating, drinking, pooping normally. And I checked to be sure it's not...
  5. Seaecho

    Seriously, my chicken is cold!

    I have 4 chickens, and one, the Sizzle, since it started getting cold, is in the coop almost constantly. Will come out only briefly to eat and drink and then go right back in. My Serama is broody, so she is in the most of the time too. But when I open the nest box, the Sizzle is hunched way down...
  6. Seaecho

    Gurgling hen--getting worse. Help!

    My Serama hen started gurgling slightly when excited a few months ago. Otherwise she acted fine. When she began gurgling more often, I gave her a full, five day course of oral Tyan 50. She seemed better, but now, a few weeks later, she is gurgling more than ever. I can't tell if she's just...
  7. Seaecho

    Monsoon! Chickens clueless!

    We live in the high desert, and we had a short-lived but powerful monsoon today. It was POURING like mad, and we already had puddles just a few minutes in. I looked out at the chickens (all pullets- ranging in age from 4 to 6 months) expecting them to be in their coops, but all of them were...
  8. Seaecho

    Polish chicks with green showing on backs?

    I was going to buy a couple of Polish chicks from someone. They are about 12 weeks old now. She said that due to it looking like some green shiny green feathers that are popping out on the rump area she believed they are cockerels. Is this reliable? She has gold laced and black/white. Does...
  9. Seaecho

    MITES! They're biting me!

    I've been being bitten at night, and can feel bugs crawling on me. Never had a problem until we got chickens. I've checked them for mites and can find nothing, although there is a dark colored Silkie, frizzles, and bantam cochins, so they have a LOT of feathers. I'm about to lose my mind! I have...
  10. Seaecho

    TYLAN 50--what dose?

    I've 3 bantams that are sick. One is gurgling when excited, and two have irritated eyes. I ordered Tylan 50. Should be here today. How much do I give? I've read 0.2 and 0.5. Which is correct? And how many times a day?
  11. Seaecho

    Ordering prescription Rx from California

    My two 14 week old chicks (which I've posted about before) did not get a cure from Colloidal Silver drops into their eyes. One and a half days after stopping, they are again slightly squinted and the lids are a bit swollen. I think the stuff irritated them too, as it's all red around the eyes...
  12. Seaecho

    What's wrong with her eye?

    She's 12 weeks old, and her eyes are looking bad. Just noticed it a couple days ago. What do I need to treat her with?
  13. Seaecho

    Chick chasing pullet?

    I have 5 pullets. One is a 20 week old Silkie. I introduced my mottled bantam Cochin babies (two of them) gradually to the others, through a fence for a few weeks, then cut a hole in the fence. The babies have their own coop. The little Cochins are 12 weeks old now. One of the pullets will...
  14. Seaecho

    Why not spoil them?

    I was thinking about how so many people are super strict with how they feed their chickens. Just the pellet, or crumble, or mash, or whatever, rarely giving treats.. George Burns, Bob Hope, and a couple of others I can't think of the names right now, I will use as an example. George smoked...
  15. Seaecho

    Has anyone tried Chicken Chew?

    I just got free samples of this new chicken food. Anyone else tried it, and how did your chickens like it?
  16. Seaecho

    What do you think of this feed?

    I have several pullets and a hen that are laying, and two --11 week old pullets. What do you think of this feed? It lists ingredients, etc. They don't carry All Flock or Flock Raiser around here for some reason...
  17. Seaecho

    Urban Coop chicken chow?

    Anyone using this feed? I found it online and ordered free samples.One of each of their formulas.They charge shipping only on the samples. My chickens seem bored with the feed store mash and the crumble also, even though I wet it. They hardly ever eat much at night. Just breakfast and lunch. I...
  18. Seaecho

    Bantams eating very little

    I have 5 bantams. All pullets. Two are 11 week old cochins, one is a 2 yr. old Serama, one Silkie, 18 weeks, 1 sizzle, also 18 weeks. Between all of them, they only eat slightly over 1 cup a day. Seems like such a small amount! Is this normal for bantams?
  19. Seaecho

    Speckled Sussex with bantams?

    I love the look of Speckled Sussex, and I keep reading about how sweet and friendly they are. I have 5 bantams (pullets and a hen). Does anyone keep Sussex with bantams? I'd like to get a pullet if there won't be problems. Thanks!
  20. Seaecho

    Manna-Pro-my chickens don't like it

    I feed a mixture of feed store mash, All Flock and Start and Grow, since two of my chicken are 8 weeks old. I found out, however, that no one likes the Manna-Pro crumbles AT ALL! Does anyone else find this to be true?
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