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    mesite and seedsnipe

    i want to know if anybody have these species and their care requirements, i also would like to know about other less kept terrestrial bird families like sand grouse, rails ect................
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    hatching from on top of the roof

    i just wanted to share this crazy story with you guys so my hen disappears for awhile and i couldn't figure out where she went, i assumed she was killed my a predator then i saw her again hanging out on top of the coop. Turns out she was on top of her coop laying eggs and hatched out 4 chicks...
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    does anybody here have tinamous? how hardy are they? what is the average price range for a pair or eggs? what are the care and requirements? i heard that they were good candidates for domestication, i don't know why it didn't pull through. they have awesome eggs and they look cool too...
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    miss universe 2012

    miss universe 2012 is miss usa olivia culpo miss congeniality is miss Guatemala miss photogenic is miss Kosovo winner of best national costume is miss china
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    loosing to temptations

    so i have this broody hen who hatched 5 chicks out of 12 but decides to run away. 4 of the chicks survived, all the eggs peeped but now they're cold and dead. with me feeling sad i wanted to get myself a treat. i was gonna go to the store for 8 more chicks but could not resist and instead of 8 i...
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    saddest thing you've watched?

    well for me thai commercials always make me cry darn it who left those onions here
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    wooden pellets or wood shavings

    i'm just wondering which is better, which is easier to clean up after. include your experiences as well if you want too.
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    feeling sad

    so i got some new American game hens. the hens were good, for the most part they did not try to fight my orientals,bantams and others but they sleep in trees at night, they've taught the habit to my Sumatra and my jungle fowls, my dark cornish try to fly into the trees too but she is to fat so...
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    glee fans

    so i don't know if anyone here is a glee fan, but i just wanted to say that i am and i can't wait for tonight's episode.
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    animal imitation dance

    peacock dance now you post a video of a person doing animal movement dances
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    spirit of the peacock dance

    not sure if someone already posted this up but it is a dance imitating the peacock, mostly done by ethnic dai peoples but in this case a girl from the bai ethnic danced to it so i just want to share this beautiful dance with yall
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    places you want to go to

    post up countries you'd want to go visit and why. if u can, attach a small clip about that country, it could be a music video or something cultural i want to go to Nepal because it looks so beautiful and i want to visit Laos where my parents were born
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    tragic goat story

    I'm not sure if this was already posted but i can not believe that it happened to such innocent animals, probably an animal got in or some kids being bad
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    my broody hen

    so okay today my hen hatched out 2 chicks so far, so she decides to take them out for a stroll but she did not return until maybe 4 to 6 hours after, and she is sitting on eggs in a bush, can't move her because she is crazy plus i don't have an incubator, my friend has one that i can borrow but...
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    pageant fan

    well i like to watch pageants and i can't wait for miss universe to air already, who else here likes pageants
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    just wanna show this cute bird

    don't know if this was shown before but anyways here it is
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    my feedstore

    omg guys my local feedstore called bradshaw is getting funky now, i luv the chick selection, rabbits and other poultry but now they have fish and reptiles it is like a pet store but i can't wait to go there, so excited although not interested in reptiles though. At firstb they were fixing up a...
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    hey any Hmong people in byc?

    I'm not expecting alot of people to respond but i would luv to see people of my ethnicity still raising chickens cuzz alot of Hmong teens hate anything dealing with animals so most likely they don't raise any when they r older to.
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    feel weird

    i know in this situation it is not my problem but i felt as if i was the one hurting, well this is how it goes, my sis and her boyfriend have been dating for around 4 years now and they have been broken up for at least 4 months now but i can't still get over it, all our relatives, cousins...
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    what is your type of music genre you like? post them up

    well the title says it all, i love folk music of all kinds, please post a few of your favorites and share with us what u enjoy. i know a similar thread exists but this one is sharing songs so if u have any please u r welcome to/
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