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  1. BlueCamas

    Welsh Harlequin & Saxony Hatching Eggs

    Selling some eggs from my small flocks of Saxony and Silver Welsh Harlequin ducks. Fertility is excellent and I have 95%-100% fertility and hatch rates here. My breeding stock come from Holderread lines and have been shown at various shows this year with titles such as BB, Champion and Reserve...
  2. BlueCamas

    Saxony Breeders! Advice Needed!

    Hey folks, I'm really new to ducks and recently hatched out a small group of Saxony ducks. I have 3 drakes with current weights of 7.6 lbs, 7.2 lbs, & 6. 6 lbs, and 4 ducks I managed to weigh one and she was 5.9 lbs. They are now almost 4 months, and from what I understand they should be nearly...
  3. BlueCamas

    Duckling with Crumpled Foot

    I just had a hatch of Saxony ducks hatch out yesterday, but this morning I noticed the smallest has one foot crumpled up so that when he walks he walks on his knuckles. When I am holding him I can stretch out his foot normally and his toes are only a little crooked. Is there some type of brace...
  4. BlueCamas

    Saxony Eggs Due on 5/20!!!

    10 Saxony duck eggs are due to hatch on 5/20 I've never been so excited for a hatch before, I want my duckies!!! I wanted Saxonies directly from Holderreads, but they had nothing available until the fall so I broke down and bought eggs off of ebay from 2 different breeders who both got their...
  5. BlueCamas

    Duck Brooders!

    Hey guys, I have some Saxony eggs in the incubator and I'm in need of some brooder ideas. What have you found to be the easiest method for brooding ducklings? Pictures would be fabulous! Thanks
  6. BlueCamas

    Mille Fleur and Porcelain d'Uccles

    Downsizing the number of birds I have so I've decided to let go of my d'Uccle flock. Located in Milwaukie, OR and would prefer to sell locally, but will ship. The younger birds have been shown and have won BB's and BV's. Great fertility and lots of chicks on the ground from this group. What's...
  7. BlueCamas

    Angel Wing? :(

    I just got my first duck a little over a month ago as a 4 day old. Petrie, a Black East Indie (probably a drake), is about 5 weeks old and I'm starting to think he has angel wing He's on 20% grower and has been taken outside many times for bugs. I know that angel wing is caused by too much...
  8. BlueCamas

    *BIN* 6+ Hatching Eggs: Mille Fleur/ Porcelain d'Uccles

    Mille Fleur/Porcelain d'Uccle Hatching Eggs for sale! Great fertility with all of these guys, in my incubator I'm getting hatch rates of 90%-100%! I show many of my birds and these eggs are coming from parents that have won lots of BV and BB. I have 1 Mille Fleur split to Porcelain cockerel...
  9. BlueCamas

    Call Ducks?

    I have heard that Call Ducks are the loudest of all ducks, the females anyway. So how loud are they compared to a rooster? When are they loud? All day, or only when they lay an egg? Thanks
  10. BlueCamas

    *BIN* Show Quality Bantams

    Seven Show Quality Blue and Black Bantam Plymouth Rocks available... What's available: 1 Black Cock 1 Blue Cockerel 4 Black Pullets 1 Blue Pullet Mix and match, pairs, trios, quads and more... Pair- $30 + shipping/box Trio- $45 + shipping/box Quad- $60 + shipping/box All 7- $100 + shipping/box...
  11. BlueCamas

    Where to find Shipping Boxes?

    I have no idea where to put this, but... I'm needing to ship 6 adult Bantams, but I'm having trouble finding a place to buy shipping boxes. I've only wanting one box, and everywhere that I've looked you can't order just a few and the shipping is extremely expensive! Those of you who have...
  12. BlueCamas

    *BIN* Blue/Black/Splash Bantam Plymouth Rock Eggs

    Now that the weather is cooling off, we are offering a few of our Blue/Black/Splash Bantam Plymouth Rock Hatching Eggs! In the pen I have a Blue cockerel over 3 Black pullets and 1 Blue pullet so fertility is excellent. Andalusian Blue Genetics: Black x Blue = 50% Black / 50% Blue Blue x...
  13. BlueCamas

    Cockerel Limping

    My young d'Uccle cockerel is limping pretty badly. I have him in a crate in my mud room right now but when he was outside in the coop he would not get on the roost. I have inspected both legs pretty good and he has not shown any signs of pain when I poke, pull, and prod them. I don't see...
  14. BlueCamas

    Poultry Shipping Requirements?

    I have never shipped eggs, chicks, or adult birds before and I was wondering what the "requirements" were. I've searched the forum, but couldn't really find anything on anypaper work you have to do or have BEFORE you ship. Do you have to be NPIP certified to ship anything? I know there are lots...
  15. BlueCamas

    Paul's Poultry?

    Has anyone ever purchased birds from Paul's Poultry? I'm interested in high quality Wyandottes and his birds just caught my eye and he looks like a reputable breeder. Even so, I'm wondering if any one on the forum has had any experience getting chicks or birds from him. Thanks in advance...
  16. BlueCamas

    Ivermectin Dosage?

    I have never wormed my birds, but I figured that it would be a good idea to treat them once or twice a year. I really didn't want to get the kind you put in the water so i got "Privermectin Pour-On for Cattle". I've read certain posts that say that 3 drops are a good dosage for average sized...
  17. BlueCamas

    Calling All Plymouth Rock Breeders!!!

    I have 3 mature Black and Blue Bantam Plymouth Rock cockerels and I have to pick "The Keeper" for the breeding pen and one for a back-up. They have all been to shows, but neither one has shown an outstanding difference over the others. I haven't been breeding or showing long enough to make very...
  18. BlueCamas

    Very Swollen Eye :(

    One of my Bantam Pullets suddenly got a swollen eye about 3 days ago and it's getting worse and worse I was looking at previous threads, but none of them seemed to match her symptoms. Her eye had no discharge or bubbles before it swelled shut completely. I also noticed that her whole skull...
  19. BlueCamas

    Is Something Wrong?

    I've noticed that a few of my young cockerels that are between 4-5 months start to develop funny colored hackle feather. It's usually a silver almost like Birchin and sometimes a dark mahogany. My birds are Blue and Black so it's pretty noticeable if it happens. I don't have this problem in any...
  20. BlueCamas

    Best Worming

    I haven't wormed my chickens this year, but I suspect that they are needing it. For those very experienced in poultry, what do you find is the best medication for deworming. Thanks in advance!
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