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  1. R.M.Qureshi

    How to develop Lavender Brahma

    Dear Friends, Please advise which colour of Brahma di I need to develop Lavender Brahma. I have seen some pictures of Lavender Brahma on net/Facebook. These were from Turkey and real eye catchers. Since I have seen the pics , I am in love with this colour. A picture is attached for reference...
  2. R.M.Qureshi

    Easter egger hatching eggs

    Dear Members, I am from Pakistan am will shortly be visiting California. I want to bring back some Easter egger eggs. I need minimum 24 eggs. I would be grateful if any member willing to sell Easter egger eggs in California can contact me by message or email. Regards to all.
  3. R.M.Qureshi

    Primary feathers of Brahma chickens are drooping. What do they indicate ?

    Dear Members, Within last few weeks my Brahma chickens are showing a symptoms of some deficiency or disease. The primary feathers of Hens and few cockerels are drooping down. They are behaving as normal, eating fine, poop is hard and normal. Weather is hot in our region with average...
  4. R.M.Qureshi

    My young cockerel cant walk properly and fumbling

    Dear Members, I have this Partridge Cochin cockerel. He is seven months old. He has just started crowing and now mounting on hens. I also got few fertile eggs. He was absolutely fine one day , running, mounting, crowing and eating. Next day he started to fumble. I thought that it might only...
  5. R.M.Qureshi

    How to create Crele birds

    Dear Friends, Please advise how to create Crele Brahma or Crele Cochins. Which colors do i need to cross. Regards Rehan
  6. R.M.Qureshi

    Strange head shaking in my rooster

    Dear members, My rooster is shaking his head in a strange manner. Can any one identify what is causing this strange movement. Other wise he is healthy and active . Crowing loudly, and mating agressively. Ear canals are clear. No lice or mites on the body. Looking forward to yur valuable...
  7. R.M.Qureshi

    Necropsy help

    Dear members, One of my Light brahma hen aged 18 months died this morning. She was suffering from an unknown probem. She was apparently healthy eating and drinking fine laying eggs but she tends to get tired very quickly and start panting after a short exertion. I followed the typical path of...
  8. R.M.Qureshi

    Emergency Gout or Infectious Arthritis

    Dear Members, My Cockoo cochin male chicks age 4 months have developed redish swellings on and near joints of claw. Pl be so kind to advise if this is infectious Arthritis , Infectious sinovitis or some kind of Gout. It took three days to get to this stage. I have four males and three of them...
  9. R.M.Qureshi

    How can i gat this colour

    Dear Members, I have this partridge cochin male but lost the female. Please be so kind to guide on how i can get this color male and females.
  10. R.M.Qureshi

    What breed is this ?

    Hi this is my rooster possibly blue partridge bantam. I am wondering how the female of this breed looks like? Lookinf forward to get some pics of hens of this breed.
  11. R.M.Qureshi

    Does anyone has a photo of blue partridge cochin bantam female

    Here is my Rooster. Please be so kind to post a pic of Blue partridge cochin female.
  12. R.M.Qureshi

    photos of blue partridge cochin bantam female

    Dear Members, Here is a photo of my Blue partridge cochin bantam male. I am looking for a show quality female of same breed. Please be so kind to post pics of Blue partridge cochin bantam female so that i can have an idea of what actually i am looking for.
  13. R.M.Qureshi

    What disease is this ?

    Dear Members, Here is a link to a short video. Please let me have your opinion about the disease.!124&authkey=!aXryjRo7EcM%24&ithint=folder%2c.MOV Its a video of light brahma chicks. these chicks are wobbly and walk strangely. They are...
  14. R.M.Qureshi

    something wrong with vent ?

    Breed : Dark Brahma Age: 1 year Status: Laying bird General condition: excellent Feed: Whole grains ( 10 types), Fish meal and feed pre Mix, Vegetables yesterday she was ok perky active jumping and playing but today i noticed her standing in one corner with eyes closed. When...
  15. R.M.Qureshi

    What kind of parasite is this?

    Hi, I am posting a picture of a Dark brahma feather.I noticed these small eggs on few feathers just above legs. Apparentlythere was no lice or mite in the feathers. I have never seen lice laying eggs in this pattern. Please be so kind to share your experience. No egg clusters found at the base...
  16. R.M.Qureshi

    Scale of on cockerel comb, Need advice

    Two days ago I observed a small scab on my one year old Cuckoo cochin rooster's comb. I applied an anti fungal cream on the comb. Next day there was a scale on his comb it looks like an old skin shedding off. The skin beneath this scale seems fresh and fine. Please let me have your opinion
  17. R.M.Qureshi

    How to get extra fluffy show class plumage on Brahma and cochins

    Dear All, Please be so kind to advise about how to raise a show quality bird. what do we need in feed ? any special care instructions. I want my birds to have extra fluffy lusterous plumage. Regards Rehan
  18. R.M.Qureshi

    Light Brahma male and Dark Brahma female cross

    Dear Brahma lovers, What colors of chicks will i get by crossing Light Brahma male with Dark Brahma female. Someone told me that it would be 50% Light(Pure) and 50% Dark (Pure). Rehan
  19. R.M.Qureshi

    Any suggestion to promote overall growth of young chicks

    Dear All, Few of my chicks got ill one month back they all recovered from the illness but their growth is now stunted. Please be so kind to let me have you comments on how to break this spell. I have white Silkies and dark Brahma chicks. Regards Rehan
  20. R.M.Qureshi

    An over view of Marek's

    What is Marek’s Marek's disease is a highly contagious viral Neoplastic disease in chickens. The disease is characterized by the presence of T - cell lymphoma as well as infiltration of nerves and organs by lymphocytes. Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in immune system called...
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