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  1. SallyinIndiana

    ISO a Blue Palm Tom Turkey

    I'm looking for a Blue Palm Tom Turkey. We lost ours last night.
  2. SallyinIndiana

    Khaki Female Ducks, newly laying

    These ducks started laying mid September. They are great layers we just have too many. Prices: $15 for each duck unless getting 6 then $12 for each duck.
  3. SallyinIndiana

    ISO or Wanted: Brinsea Ecoglow 20

    I would like to get a good working Brinsea Ecoglow 20, it does not need to be new. Maybe you upgraded to the 50 model and want to recoup some of the original expense. I want to save compared to paying almost $80 for a new one. I don't think they cost that much new last spring.
  4. SallyinIndiana

    Processing in central IN

    I'm looking for someone to process some chickens in July. I would prefer some one close to Franklin or Greenwood, even Mooresville is good as we live in south central Indiana.
  5. SallyinIndiana

    processing / butchering Chickens

    I want to get some chickens to raise as meat. However I would like to pay to have them butchered and processed. Does anyone know of a processing place in central Indiana?
  6. SallyinIndiana

    Bargersville, IN Laws

    Does anyone know if I can have chickens in my back yard if my house is zoned rural residence in Bargersville, IN?
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