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  1. Amigo

    Symphony 2012!

    Yes, Symphony will be going up against President Obama! She will restore America for both Humans and Chickens. What will she do? * Defeat Obama with your help! * Cut Taxes, and restore our economy with her 10-1 plan for America! * Cut Obama's job-killing regulations, thus, lowering the...
  2. Amigo

    Can turkeys eat muscadine grapes?

    Is it OK for turkeys to eat muscadine grapes?
  3. Amigo

    How do I post a poll?

    How do I put a poll up?
  4. Amigo

    .::Cycling Fans Come!::.

    Here we talk about Professional Cycling, and in 9 days are the World Championships!
  5. Amigo

    The Secret Garden, by G. K Chesterton

    I decided to share with you a book, by Chesterton. Title: The Secret Garden Author: G. K. Chesterton Aristide Valentin, Chief of the Paris Police, was late for his dinner, and some of his guests began to arrive before him. These were, however, reassured by his confidential servant, Ivan, the...
  6. Amigo

    We just slautered a turkey with blackhead.

    My mother just slautered a BBB hen because her heath was poor. Afterwards, my mother found the hen had blackhead. Can we still eat this hen?
  7. Amigo

    Like or Dislike?

    Sort of like the "Yum or Yuck" topic, but here we do everything, excluding food. Example: Amigo: Gene Autry? Nifty-Chicken: Like Chickens? Amigo: Like BMW? And so on.. I'll start with someone I dislike very very very very much: Lady Gaga
  8. Amigo

    Guess Who

    Guess Who: Whoever guesses correctly will post the next person.
  9. Amigo


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? No. I've had chickens for 4 years. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 122, and 4 ducks, one goose, and 5 turkeys. (3) What breeds do you have? Dominique, Redstar, Golden and Silver Laced Wyandotte, one Production Red...
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