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  1. 13ChickenGirl

    Comb Injury Isn’t Healing

    My Pullet injured her comb a few weeks ago and it hasnt healed. I think it might even been getting worse. I’ve been putting Veterycin on it but it hasn’t done much. Any ideas? I put Liquid bandage on it so the others don’t make it worse. Haven’t seen anybody pick on her comb. She’s actually...
  2. 13ChickenGirl

    Please help! Goat ate rubber surgical glove!

    Please help! I had a few rubber surgical gloves out because a few goats have colds and I use a different glove for each goat. I had 2 gloves (I'm absolutely sure it was 2) when I looked over to see one of my goats chomping on something. I didn't think much of it because she had just been chewing...
  3. 13ChickenGirl

    Chicken stuck in monsoon. In house cold.

    My bantam brahma pullet got stuck in our AZ monsoon. The lightning stopped (finally) so I ran out, grabbed her, and brought her inside. She is currently wrapped in a towel on my lap. She is shivering, cold, wet, and muddy. And tips on keeping her warm and preventing hypothermia???
  4. 13ChickenGirl

    Mosquitoes everywhere! Goats

    our goats are COVERED in mosquitos! Even at the heat of the day! I sprayed fly spray on them but it didn't help much. I read that garlic was effective? How to you feed it to them? Cloves? Crushed? Powdered? We tried dryer sheets last summer and they were ok but we need something a little more...
  5. 13ChickenGirl

    Favorite Chicken!?!

    Here you can post a picture of your FAVORITE CHICKEN!!!! It can be a chick, a rooster, a hen, anything. You can post as many as you want too (As we tend to have a hard time picking a Fav) Simply post a picture and tell us it's name and breed!!! Have fun!! Here's and Example: This is Annabeth my...
  6. 13ChickenGirl

    Are these Seramas?

    We got a call from a friend who works at TSC that they had a little bantam chick with an extra flap of skin on its thigh. We agreed to pick it up and they gave us an extra free chick so it wouldn't be alone. They told us that they had no idea what breed they were and they were calling them their...
  7. 13ChickenGirl

    HELP! Turkey cut vein under wing!!!!

    Please help!!! My young turkey fell from a low tree branch and cut the vein under the wing! He is currently in the laundry room wrapped in a towel with flower on the wound and we are applying pressure with paper towels. The bleeding is slowing down. Is there anything else we need to know when...
  8. 13ChickenGirl

    Goat has bad diarrhea!!!!

    help!! My goat, Ferdinand, has bad diahrrea. He is a nine month old Pygmy goat. I gave him baking soda. I also put molasses in his water. He got into the coop yesterday and ate about 2 scoops worth of chicken food. :th Thankfully he didn't bloat. Is there anything else you can do for a goat with...
  9. 13ChickenGirl

    Signs of Pain in old horses

    last Year in May we got two old guys in their mid twentys and we thought it would be a good place to start for our small farm. The kids love them and have fun braiding their tails and riding then bare back around the pasture. Lately the paint, (Blue) who has had bad arthritis in his back legs...
  10. 13ChickenGirl

    Milking stand ideas

    we are going to breed my Mini Alpine/Nigerian Dwarf in September and I want to start the project of a milking stand. Does anyone have any advice? Mistakes they made, dos and donts, pictures of your milking stands, oh and how do you decide the size? We have two Nubians that I would lock in...
  11. 13ChickenGirl

    Help! Is this chick ok?

    This chick came about 3 days early, and is very tiny. Not a bantam!! Mom is a full sized Easter egger and the father is a full sized Buff Orpington but was hatched by a bantam hen. Also should I put it under the hen? It's about 103 outside right now. It's laying to the side of her and scooting...
  12. 13ChickenGirl

    Info on Alpine goats?

    hi! I finally decided what breed I am planning to breed to my Nubians... Alpines! Does anyone have any advice on Alpine care or anything like that? Also what are the downsides to this breed? And one more, does anyone have any idea where to find an Alpine stud in Arizona?
  13. 13ChickenGirl

    Goat breed search

    Hi! This is the place you can ask advice on different breeds, what breed fits your weather conditions, milk production, and how much noise you are able to handle! I'll start us off with the question... What is the quietest breed you can think of? Oh, it needs to be heat tolerant because I'm in AZ.
  14. 13ChickenGirl

    What can I do for these eggs?

    My naughty chickens like to climb on top of my broody hen when she's in there and they cracked open an egg :heand ate a half formed chick. Some of the eggs have egg yoke on them.:barnie Is there any way to clean them off? Will it effect the hatch?:fl I moved her to a kennel so no more chicken...
  15. 13ChickenGirl

    Clipping a Polish's head feathers?

    i have 3 polish pullets and they can't see a thing in front or behind them. One of them is particularly bad and can't see half of her side view too! Can you clip the head feathers if so is there a special way to do it? Thanks!
  16. 13ChickenGirl

    Help Help Help! Broody emergency!

    Help!!! I went out to the coop this morning and I saw two full sized hens on top of my bantam broody. UGH!!! One of the eggs got pecked or something and another has the tiniest crack imaginable. Is there any way to save them? They were my Easter eggers!!!! :barnie:he They are about 2 weeks old now.
  17. 13ChickenGirl

    Crop the size of tennis ball! Help!

    Hi, I'm questioning sour crop on my hen, she is small and has a huge crop about the size of a tennis ball. It is squishy and I can feel stuff inside. She is pooping and eating and drinking fine. Is this sour crop?
  18. 13ChickenGirl

    Stormtroopers Story

    This is the amazing story of Stormtrooper; So it all started when we went to go get two sexed ameracaunas. We were so excited coming home with our two little chicks!!! They were happy and fine running around their little pen with the other chicks happy as can be! When they were about two weeks...
  19. 13ChickenGirl

    How many eggs for Hen

    ok so I have a Bantam Silkie Cochin hen who is broody. Right now I have four non-bantam Easter eggs under her. I've been wanting to put 1 more but is five too many?how many eggs is too many for a hen? She is the little Buff behind the old scraggly RIR and behind the white Cochin. The rooster...
  20. 13ChickenGirl

    Any Turkey people?

    We recently got 4 turkey chicks. We were hoping for at least one girl and one boy. Does anyone have any sexing tricks for turkeys? We were told if you flip them on their backs the toms stick out a leg and the hens tuck them in. If this is accurate then we have 4 toms. PLEASE tell me this...
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