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    Help with raising wild Canada gosling

    I have become mother to an orphaned gosling (larry) that was maybe a day old when we got it. He is in the brooder with 4 juvenile chickens and is thriving with regular sessions outdoors and good nutrition. The trouble is he screams the house down when im out of his sight! I thought he would like...
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    2 umbilical cords

    This is the "last to hatch" chick in my latest batch. He wasn't progressing very well so I've helped him a little. I've noticed he has 2 umbilical cords attached to his (one) belly button. Is this normal?
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    Prosthetic egg..

    Has anyone tried using a spare egg shell to patch up a broken incubating egg? One of my silkie egg just got mashed a couple days away from hatching. So to protect it I've stuck half a fresh egg shell snugly over the exposed chicks bottom to hopefully offer protection and avoid moisture loss...
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    Do i have to kill my beloved Cobbs

    Hi, I have 2 cobb chickens (Big Betty and Fat Albert) that I hatched from eggs intending to have them in the freezer at 3 months. They are now 8 weeks old and such lovely gentle friendly birds. I want to keep them as pets and hopefully breed from them, trouble is they are HUGE! Fat Albert...
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    Do roosters have favourite girlfriends

    My young silkie roo (been crowing for 2 months) only hangs out with my 2 immature Cobb chickens (male and female, not laying or crowing yet). I'd like him to mate with my 2 mature laying hens but he won't go near them. Is his age and inexperience working against him?
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    Weird rooster crow

    One of my young silkie roosters (not purebred) has just started crowing and it's the weirdest sound! It doesn't sound like a crow at all, more like a gentle "weee hooo" I thought all roosters made the same loud "cock a doodle do" or do they all have different singing voices?
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    Eating eggs after incubating a bit

    I've had some eggs in the incubator for about a week and today I checked to see if any are fertile. Some are not so I've taken them out. Can we safely eat these unfertilised eggs if they've been incubated a week already? They were 1 - 3 days old when I set them
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    Silkie colour?

    What colour would you call my Silkie Roo?
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    Silkie colour?

    What colour would you call my Silkie Roo?
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    What is this breed?

    I bought this lovely chicken last year and would like to get some more like this but have no idea what breed she is. She doesn't lay in winter and those white feathers around her face are just new feathers growing back after moulting. New Zealand location Thanks 😊
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    What colour silkie will this be?

    She's 2 days old, yellow underneath, black and gray on top. White toes... not sure what the parents were but her siblings are all white. Thanks fellow silkie lovers 😘
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    Bedtime locations..

    I have 2 random hens, 2 silkies and 2 turkeys that all live together very happily. At night the hens sleep in the hen house, the silkies sleep in a barrel and the turkeys sleep on the highest spot they can reach. I am introducing my young ringneck pheasant (Chip) to the flock slowly (they don't...
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    Sikie chicken wet droopy head

    Hi I have an adorable handraised Silkie. Alphy is 3.5weeks old and until yesterday was very normal. He has a vaulted skull and yesterday his head was soaking wet and he was standing with his head between his legs like he was trying to pick his chest feathers. This was the first day I day I...
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    Pheasant help please

    Hi, I started off with 3 baby pheasants. Then last week one got eaten by a predator, then today one got squashed in the garage door :hitI'm wondering how my single one will cope being all by him/herself?
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    Egg just broke in the incubator

    Has anyone had Any luck keeping a chick alive when it's egg has broken? My silkies are hatching in about 4 days and one of them just got stuck in the turner mechanism (my fault) and has shattered. The the shell is completely smashed and the inner seal around the chick is ruptured but there's no...
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    Silkie help

    I am new to chickens and have 2 adorable silkies that I hand raised. I just love them so much, especially our snuggles at night watching a movie. Except now they have fleas!!! I am absolutely covered in flea bites. Ive found a few fleas on me after holding them so I know where they're coming...
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    Are my turkeys male or female?

    Hi these are my 5 month old babies. I'm still in the dark as to what sex they are (and what breed). They don't gobble. They have some feathers on their heads. They both puff up like males when they get angry, the white one does this alot lately. They've started fighting each other. The white one...
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    Weird lumpy eggs

    Why are my ducks laying eggs with all this hard chalky stuff all over them? They live in the chook run and eat the same food as them. Theyve always been pretty normal looking until the last couple of weeks
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    Candelling eggs

    I was frustrated at the light on my cheap incubator not really giving me a good view into the developing eggs. So I tried using the torch on my phone! Wow the inside lights up like the 4th of July!!!
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    Special needs birds

    Does anyone have special needs birds? I hatched 3 turkeys in the incubator 12 days ago. One of them (Peach) has curled over toes and hasn't really grown since hatching. She's thick as pigshit but very happy, energetic and eating well. What's her future going to be like? These turkeys are pets.
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