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  1. TheJuan-n-Only

    Comment by 'TheJuan-n-Only' in article 'Ybor City Coop'

    Im in Tampa. Did a lot of drinking at Ybor back in the day! Lol Do u ever get some of the "wild chickens" coming to your house. I was having dinner at Acropolis and there were 3 hens and a rooster roosting up right across the street. It was very cool, they were game birds! I guess the relatibes...
  2. TheJuan-n-Only

    Comment by 'TheJuan-n-Only' in article 'Ybor City Coop'

    Very nice! Question, Ybor City in TPA?
  3. Thejuan N Onlys Page

    Thejuan N Onlys Page

    Hello from Tampa, Fl……… What can I say? I’m a city boy from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My step dad is from a HUGE family with a HUGE farm (they actually lived off the land). When he married my mother he used to take me and my sister to visit his parents at “the mountains” ( as I used...
  4. Dh1 Coops Page

    Dh1 Coops Page

    So about 9 months ago I decided I would stop supporting "the egg industry" and start raising my own problem...I lived in a small apartment! I finally have a house; we closed on it mid April/2011. We had to do many things in the house before "coop time", so finally I...
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