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    @gailmaison I think it really depends on the rooster. Ours now is a Sultan and he is amazing with the girls. Although we've always had bad luck with rhode island red roosters. They were the worst we've ever had. I'd just try some of the more docile breeds and raise him from a chick if you can...
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    @Joshua G She is a golden laced wyandotte! I have a silver laced one as well. Our rooster is actually a sultan.. he's great with the ladies and a real sweetheart!
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    Wow, thanks for the comments everyone! I saw a few questions so I'll answer them. @gailmaison I don't have any insulation at all in ours. The deep litter we use keeps it warmer inside the coop. I have the one side window covered with plastic because that is the direction the wind blows from. As...
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    Haha, It's alright! We actually do put little tubs (like size of foot baths) full of cool water in with the chickens on hot days. Some of them love to wade through the water. It really cools them down!
  5. Cedar Acres  Coop!

    Cedar Acres Coop!

    Our coops are actually quite old.. built by my family in the late 1960's. They were all built using plans from a correspondence course on poultry through a university. We have three identical coops. All of my pictures are of the one we just painted (a fresh coat of paint looks so nice!), and the...
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    Just thought I'd add... you need at lease 3 acres in Berlin to have any farm animal, which includes chickens and even rabbits.
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