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  1. GardenGal

    Mary Ann finally gets a dirt bath :)

    Hard to do when you have five babies climbing all over you! These little lavendar Orps hatched during a rainy stretch and this was their first time out with Mamma. Pretty exciting!
  2. GardenGal

    Bandit's big adventure

    Our BR, Bandit, seemed to be egg bound this afternoon. I've been waiting to apply this scrap of knowledge, so I grabbed her and filled a pot with warm water to soak that egg out of her, forgetting that I'd only ever washed bantams in that pot. I think she appreciated having warm legs anyway...
  3. GardenGal

    Spa treatment :)

    What girl doesn't love a hot soak and a nice blow dryer? No girl loves it more than Amelia :)
  4. GardenGal

    Molting chicken with diarrhea

    About 3 weeks ago I finally realized my chicken Dixie was molting and not dying. Just about then I noticed she had a bad case of diarrhea. Most times it's averagely runny but sometimes it jets out like water. (Sorry to be so graphic) Other than that she's doing really well, and none of the...
  5. GardenGal

    A mysterious, quick progression Is there anything I can do to save her?

    One morning a week ago Dixie was completely normal. In the afternoon she had acquired a limp. We had a chicken with a limp before so I wasn't too worried. Then her limp went away and she started moulting. Then she went into what I learned is a hard moult. She seemed to be off her food a...
  6. GardenGal

    I'm so excited! Had to share :)

    It's taken since May, but our two flocks have finally merged into one!! Never thought I'd see them all eating treats out of the same bowl and stealing food from each other's beaks. Below are the new members of the flock. The older girls are off somewhere but you can see how happy the...
  7. GardenGal

    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger ;)

    So this morning I... picked up chickens, saw something on my jacket - poop, which was then on my finger, had a big fly land in my coffee, picked it out, took a swig... then remembered I'd never washed my chicken/poop hand. I thought to myself, this is probably why people back in the day either...
  8. GardenGal

    4th coop in 1 year - we must be nuts :)

    A friend gave us all these leftover building materials, and I couldn't think of any better use for them than to build a coop. It's just under 4' square. This is the result of one day's work. Tomorrow will be ramp, perch, nesting box, and oh boy, installation! Sheesh. Hope the chicks like it :)
  9. GardenGal

    Had to share a few pictures :)

    Chilling in the run before their outing. Quick snack. Action shot. And now they're sleeping like babies :)
  10. GardenGal

    Chicken training, I'm so impressed!

    Since our flock got down to 2, Amelia has been a stinker at night, and Dixie was getting balder all the time. I very nearly put Amelia up on Craigslist, but Dixie was so attached her I just hated to. So a couple nights ago I started telling her no no and shaking my finger at her when she was...
  11. GardenGal

    Should I bother?

    There have been a lot of changes in our flock just recently, our lead hen was killed, we had to increase our small flock with a batch of chicks, and now I've noticed the new top hen is a jerk toward our other hen when they go to bed. I watched them the other night, Amelia hopped up first, Dixie...
  12. GardenGal

    Big day out - pics :)

    The girls got to explore the big bird run today. This is Mary Ann, queen of the stink eye. She's merely pleasantly excited here. Ginger and Gidget. Ginger is bossy, but lately sweet Gidget's been going after her. I'm rooting for Gidget :) Our BR is Bandit, and she's a born...
  13. GardenGal

    What do they do in there?

    I swear the chicks are building a rocket in the bathroom. Bang bang bang! Hammer hammer, scrape, peep. They hide their tools when they hear me coming, and then just look at me blankly. Which reminds me, I know the chicks need out of the bathroom when they're so big they don't have to crane...
  14. GardenGal

    What in the world are these big girls doing in our bathroom!

    First sunny day since we got our chicks, so after work I let them be outside for a bit. Yikes, they look like small chickens now! And they're still living in our bathroom! Well, I know what we're doing this weekend - finishing their coop! They didn't know what to think at first. Then they...
  15. GardenGal

    Broody chickens, are the little ones too big to introduce as babies?

    I never thought our two busy banties would go broody, but now that we went out and bought chicks the hens are sitting happily on their eggs! My question is, our new chicks are a month old, are they too big to sneak in as babies? We have a new coop next to the old one ready to go, with...
  16. GardenGal

    Chicks again!

    Once again our one bathroom is taken over by chicks :D We found a wonderful breeder near Port Orchard, and came home with a light Sussex, a buff Sussex, an RIR, and a BR. I don't know who was responsible for our last chicks, but can't believe how calm and sweet these girls are, even though...
  17. GardenGal

    Just had to share :)

    Our two chickens have had to get creative while their flock is so small. (Getting more chicks next week!) This morning they saw a wild rabbit across the street and took off after it! It was so funny hearing their feet slap the pavement, red combs glinting in the sun. They chased it about...
  18. GardenGal

    Lost our wonderful girl, a couple thoughts, and we're getting chicks

    We lost our wonderful RIR mix last night. I had a couple thoughts about her and our Good Shepherd, if anyone would like to read it. So next week we're going to get a couple chicks...maybe 3. Probably Orps. Our flock was 2 weeks old...
  19. GardenGal

    Our cheap - and cute! - tractor :)

    We spent less than $200 on the whole project. The run is 4 x 12 and the coop itself is 4 x 4. Still finishing up and modifying it, but I just had to share a couple photos. When I get it all done I'll post construction pics on my page. Couldn't resist adding one of two of our girls...
  20. GardenGal


    How long after you re-home your rooster can you still have fertile eggs? We re-homed our roosters just a few days before Christmas, and last week I cracked an egg open that looked fertilized! Huh? Like a dummy, I didn't take a picture. Do roosters leave their...calling cards for that long?
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