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  1. teresa-78

    What colour would my frizzle polish cockeral be classed as??

    Hello everyone, I have been away for a while, what with a new baby and all.... Here is a picture of my frizzle polish cockeral I purchased last year.. But what colour would he be classed as?? Thankyou in advance
  2. teresa-78

    Breeding TRUE polish chicks

    I was just wondering.. My polish X has just hatched 14 chicks, the daddy is a pure polish cockeral... the chicks are 3/4 polish and 1/4 other.. if the chicks where to be bred with another pure polish would their chicks be true polish?? Someone told me they would be but I am unsure.. Any info...
  3. teresa-78

    I was asked my opinion, I think both boys, what do you all think???

    I was asked my opinion on 2 silkie X chickens, they are 12 weeks old.. I said I think they are both boys, what does everyone else think??? This one has started crowing (she is hoping because she has no cockerals it could just be a hen) I think its a boy This one has not been crowing (yet)...
  4. teresa-78

    My very 1st Silkie :0) and check out my new polish's colour :0)

    I am the new owner of my very first silkie, and oh my I am in love And check out my new frizzle polish cockeral... What a great colour (I think)
  5. teresa-78

    What are my new chickens.. and are they both hens???

    I brought 2 chickens the other day... I was just wondering what x breed they are and are they both actually hens?? Thanks in advance They are about 9-10 weeks old....
  6. teresa-78

    One strange story...... Anyone else had this??

    I had a phone call one morning from my mum... Her young hen has fallen in love...... With a wild pheasant and they were spending the sunny days doing naughties in the garden... She asked me my advice...?? I was rather dumbfounded, and told her I have never heard anything like this before...
  7. teresa-78

    First time selling on ebay... Advice needed please

    Hiya everyone, I have sold my first batch of eggs on ebay, we have had 100% fertility rate here at home.. I sold a batch of 6 eggs on ebay.. The eggs got to the buyer unharmed.. I have just had a message saying they are not happy as 3/6 eggs fertile and they not happy... and want me to send them...
  8. teresa-78

    What colour are my polish chicks?????

    I am not sure if this is in the correct place.. sorry if it is not.. I have 4 polish chicks that I am unsure of the colour.. The parents were suppose to be crele Here is mum and dad here are the 4 chicks.. but what colours are they?? chick 1 chick 2 chick 3 chick 4 Thanks for any...
  9. teresa-78

    What would I get???

    Hiya again.. I thought I had a silver laced polish roo to go with my hens but I have hens I am sure... posted a topic in gender of these just to confirm what I am thinking.. I have a splash cockeral (well maybe splash) Here is a pic of him for confirmation of that!!! Clean on right side...
  10. teresa-78

    What Gender are my SL Polish (now 8 weeks old) MORE PICS ADDED

    My silver laced polish are now 8 weeks old, and I am sure they are hens.. 1# 2# Both 1# on left 2# on right Many thanks everyone
  11. teresa-78

    My poor Daisy was murdered :'( Re-candeled egg... FERTILE yeeessssssss

    2 days ago my beautiful chicken Daisy was murdered by a dog.. she was the best chicken in the whole wide world a polish x silkie.. I was so proud of her entering her into comps on here and showing her off to all my family and friends at every opportunity, she acted more like a cat than a...
  12. teresa-78

    I have purchased a polish crele rooster, but which hen do I go for?

    I have purchased a Crele rooster, and I am picking him up on Monday, and I have a choice of hens... splash, chamois, pale crele, or white crested cuckoo... Which one would I be better to go for to stand a chance of hatching out crele chicks?? I already have chamois smooth and frizzle.. I have a...
  13. teresa-78

    Silver laced Polish (genders) :0)

    I have 3 Silver laced Polish chicks, they are around 7 weeks old... still maybe to early to tell but I thought I would give it a go... seeing as you have been fantastic so far with all my other chicks 1# Largest out of the 3... sometimes has the stance of a cockeral..?? 2# Smallest out of...
  14. teresa-78

    Black Frizzle polish Cockeral

    FREE TO GOOD HOME, A lovely black frizzle Polish Cockeral, 9 weeks old, friendly little chap... Skegness, England.
  15. teresa-78

    Need to know gender before I rehome them please help :0)

    Hello everyone my polish chicks are now 9 weeks old, maybe too young to tell, I have 4 but 2 I am sure are 1 hen and 1 cockeral.. These 2 I think the frizzle is a cockeral, and the smooth black, I am not so sure.. Thanks for looking 1# Cockeral? 2# unsure?? Any ideas would be great...
  16. teresa-78

    Polish Creole Cockeral ???

    Is there such a thing?? I cannot find any pictures, or information on this variation of colour.. I have been offered to purchase a Frizzled Chamois Polish hen, who has been running with a creole cockeral.. She says they are both pure, and her eggs should be fertile, so my thinking was to add to...
  17. teresa-78

    Chick just hatched with prolapse HEELLLLPPP :0(

    I had a SL Polish chick hatch with a slight prolapse.... I knew something was wrong as it took an awful long time for it to zip.... Also its leg has a constant shake, and seems to not be able to hold its head up as a chick would usually, like it has another problem, I know they cannot usually...
  18. teresa-78

    Update on Madge/Harold :0)

    For everyone who helped me in the madge/harold sexing of my turkey HAROLD sure kept us all guessing due to his feminin look Well here HE is in all his glory I have tried to get a picture of him stood normal, and not strutting but thats all he does 24/7 lol. Thankyou for all your help...
  19. teresa-78

    Sexing my polish chicks (UPDATED 5 weeks old.. more pics)

    I have 4 polish chicks that hatched out of 6..... They are 4 weeks old, probably to young to sex... But I feel I may know the sex of some of them and would like other peoples opinions. Thanks in advance 1# Feel this is a hen 2# I feel this is a cockeral due to the small comb appearing...
  20. teresa-78

    Wing sexing your chicks??

    Is it possible to wing sex your chicks?? I have watched some videos on youtube showing this.... 2 different sized pin feathers = girl Same sized pin feathers = boys I have polish chicks and just wondered whether this would work?? Thanks for everyone's input ETA- I just checked my 4...
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