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  1. Nutcup

    Blood on Egg?

    I'm not sure if it's Pecker or Kitty who's laying these nice tan colored eggs. I guess if it's Pecker we don't get blue eggs from her. I've heard that the Silver laced Wyandotte lays this color of egg, even though her ear muffs are white? Anyway, I've been finding them around the yard and in the...
  2. Nutcup

    First Egg!

    Big Nellie gave us our first egg a couple of days ago, I'm finally posting the good news. I've also found one with no shell broken in the sand under the roost, and another in another nest box mixed in with the pine shavings. No signs of shell with either. I ate the little brown egg and it was...
  3. Nutcup

    New friend for Pecker - Mademoiselle Kitty

    Pecker and Kitty My brother and I were on a drive visiting with our Mom when we drove by a feed store in Loomis that had a "Baby Chicks" sign out front. Glenn wanted some so we stopped to look. He got some week-and-a-half old Leghorn chicks, and I was looking at some pretty gold ones that were...
  4. Nutcup

    This is my Pecker

    Pecker was injured as a chick, I've grown very fond of her but her sisters still want to beat her up. I think her long upper beak prevents her from protecting herself, and I want to trim it a bit. Please give me suggestions and advice; I don't want to hurt her if I can help it. She is only 2.6...
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