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  1. ChxLadyCass

    Old injury declining hen’s health? Hen acting lethargic and sickly! Please help!

    My wyandotte is about 3 or 4 years old (given to me by a friend). She has definitely always been lower on the pecking order. My dog pawed at her about 6 months ago and I know for sure she was injured on her rear end, above her vent. I was able to keep her separate from the flock and she healed...
  2. ChxLadyCass

    Maternity Ward! Show me your pictures!

    I feel like this could go under 3 different threads! @Zantechick just posted a great picture of their makeshift maternity ward for a broody hen! I am looking for some inspiration for an outdoor maternity ward! Would like it do near the run outsude for easy flock integration! Please show me yours!
  3. ChxLadyCass

    Too many roosters ruined my flock :(

    Well I finally got rid of my extra roosters from late summer hatches last year. I have 2 coops and a split run. As of today I have 16 hens and 2 roosters. BUT the damage has been done!! Not sure where to even start now! Because 2 of the roosters really started fighting and over mating, the...
  4. ChxLadyCass

    Really Aggressive Hen Behavior!

    Hey friends! I recently ended a saga of an aggressive, young, sloppy rooster who tore my poor hens apart during mating (but only a select few of them that were of prime laying age). Now that the rooster is gone, I observed a hen the other day acting REALLY aggressive. I've seen hens at the...
  5. ChxLadyCass

    Mottled and Cloudy Eggs

    Hey all! I just read through the following article: And from this, I have deducted that I have mottled eggs at times, but also break open eggs to eat that have a REALLY cloudy part to just the albumen. I always crack...
  6. ChxLadyCass

    Red in Chick Poo! Coccidiosis?

    My chicks are about 6 weeks old and this morning I noticed red in their droppings on their MHP. What could this mean? How do I treat? I have Corid, ACV and Nutri drench at home already. TYIA!
  7. ChxLadyCass

    Rooster is being a jerk

    Hey there! My rooster is about 11 months old and has started attacking my daughter and I. He got me by surprise this morning and it didn't hurt, but made me wanna hurt him back! He has been raised by my own hand and has always like us until recently. He's also been chased around by a dumb dog...
  8. ChxLadyCass

    Peculiar nesting behavior! Do chicks present make other hens brood?

    Blackey in the third nest box scratching and nestling. Blackey's second nest box I have 2 coops and the older smaller one has been converted to the outdoor brooder. During the day, I open the door and one of my hens realized she could get in there. Her only interest is her old best boxes...
  9. ChxLadyCass

    Bloody eggs, over mating or first time laying?

    I walked through the run today and found a bloody egg on the ground in the middle of run. Looks about a day old compared to the one I found today in the coop in the nest. I feel sure it is either over mating or a first time layer. I have about 5 1-yr olds, 4 3-yr olds and 1 1-yr old roo. He hurt...
  10. ChxLadyCass

    From incubator to broody hen: when to transition

    Hello! I have 5 eggs in my incubator that about 14 days in. I had my BEST broody mama go broody on a handful of eggs (not sure if they are fertilized or not, due to a recent rooster injury). My question is, when should I move the eggs from the incubator to my broody hen? My hen is the best...
  11. ChxLadyCass

    Nesting behavior

    I am curious if this is odd behavior. I have 9 hens of laying maturity and am getting one egg or less a day (sudden winter temps and molting I assume). But I've also noticed that in the 4 nesting boxes, the chickens are moving around in the boxes and sometimes hiding the golf balls in there. It...
  12. ChxLadyCass

    Disappearing chickens!! What predator would you guess it is?

    I have lost at least 17 chickens in the past two months. All summer, when flocks were able to free range all day and turn themselves in at night with no predators. I have covered the chicken run with chicken wire. There are a few gaps, but I put pallets so they could hide. They aren't free...
  13. ChxLadyCass

    Blood spot on eggs 2 consecutive days

    The black hen is the Hen in isolation. Hey all! I have a hen who is in Chicken hospital isolation as she is over mated and lost a lot of feathers. I noticed that two days in a row now, her eggs have what look like blood on them. She is getting old, but she is my favorite, hardy hen! Any idea...
  14. ChxLadyCass

    New Puppy! Introducing to flock

    Hey friends! I have a flock of about 20 chickens that free range. I am bringing home an 8 week old German shepherd on Friday! The puppy will only be around the chickens supervised and will be fenced in away from the chickens. I have no idea how to introduce the chickens to the puppy and vice...
  15. ChxLadyCass

    Pox?? Black spots on combs

    Here are some pictures! Any idea of causes or what to do? TYIA
  16. ChxLadyCass

    Nests in new coop not used at all

    New nest boxes without heir privacy curtains. Water hangs in front of them a few inches up off the ground. Old nest boxes about 3 feet off the ground which everyone loves Stash of eggs hiding in the yard hey All! This spring we built a brand new coop for our ever expanding flock. This...
  17. ChxLadyCass

    Nutri drench for struggling chicks! Dosage??

    Hello! I am helping my mom care for their classroom's hatched chicks and 2 already looking rough. I have some Nutri-drench for goats and sheep. The pump kind and I use a one quart sized waterer. Each pump is 2ml. Would love suggestions on how to administer. I also have electrolytes in powder...
  18. ChxLadyCass

    NEEDED: Roost, nest, bedding recommendations for new coop!

    Hey all! I have my new 8'x7' coop all framed out and ready to put siding on! As I put the final materials together for this new coop, I would love to hear from all of you on what features work best in your own coops orthongs you wish you had done differently! For example, placement of window and...
  19. ChxLadyCass

    Thought my chick had an awful tumor!! Oh wait I think that's just a full crop...

    I picked up my baby chick and noticed a lump near the side of her throat. I started panicking thinking she was surely going to die!! When I looked down at the other 4, I realized they all had the same lump! Oh that must be what a full crop looks like!
  20. ChxLadyCass

    Isolating hens and/or rooster to let them heal from pecking. Is it too stressful for them to be alon

    Recently the weather in Colorado has been crazy Spring weather. Hot and sunny one day, rainy or snowy and cold the next. I think the stress combined with the confinement due to bad weather has caused my hens to peck at the rooster's comb and one of the smaller hen's feathers. I have been trying...
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