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  1. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Ducks Pallet Palaces'

    These duck houses were ment to be temporary, they lasted 5 yrs until a Tornado destroyed them. Mainly ment for nests (keep eggs dry) and keep feed dry. I had no help in building them plus had no funds either. After my one and only predator attack i basically had to start all over. In one pen...
  2. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Avian Pox in Chickens - Warning, Graphic Pictures (under construction)'

    Ugh !!!! I have fowl pox in my flock. The rooster that has it really bad. I was looking him over and noticed that his ears were really crusted over. He had a hard time crowing. I removed the crust from his ears and what looked like puss came running out is his ear I called the Vet on Thursday...
  3. Ducks Pallet Palaces

    Ducks Pallet Palaces

    Describe 'Ducks Pallet Palaces' here As you can say I got the Duck bug and the rest is history!! I decided to use and re-use most of my materials. This is the material list as follows..... 10 pallets of aprox same size...I used 4ft pallets that were close to the same size. 8 ft of bailing...
  4. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Mealworm Farming'

    Ok but what do you do to preserve the harvested ones? Could you just preserve the ones that you would normally raise?
  5. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Mealworm Farming'

    How do you harvest them? I have heard you can freeze them or back them. Then at what stage do you harvest them? Could you just harvest the ones that you buy to start them?
  6. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Growout Pens Brooders'

    They look great!! We get pallets all the time so you just gave me some great idea's. Thank you for showing your invention.
  7. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Breeder Barn Pens'

    What you have done is wonderfull!!! We are busy collecting fencing and lumber to redesgin the old barn. I hope dad will let my khusband and me do this. We are thinking of 4 to six breeding pens with 2 growing pens and 1 pen just for the brooders. We already have 2 -maybe and third for the...
  8. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Welcome To BYC!'

    Love the new Web Site but we kneed a place to block certin people and be able to report them for sexual harrassment. If truely interested to find out just look at my breed comment under Barred Rock. JULLIET123 YOU SHOULD BE REMOVED AND BAND FROM THIS SITE AND ITS AFFILIATES!!! I am very...
  9. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Elevated Coop And Run'

    Nice job! I had to think hard for my coop, I kinda bought 12 hens before I even thought of a coop. OPPS! Your hens look like they like thier new crib. Have fun and enjoy you deserve it. If your hens have slowed up it could be due to decreased sunlight, are you feeding a layer feed? They can't be...
  10. Triplell

    Comment by 'Triplell' in article 'Battery Hens'

    I too wish to adopted some of these poor chickens. We have some producers not far from here. In fact I just saw a truck load of them going down the road with no complete encloseures and it was like 10 degrees outside plus the wind!!!! BUUUUURRRRRR, how does one go about getting some of these...
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