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  1. dandydoodle

    Two questions about Mareks

    If a bird is showing symptoms of Mareks if you give them the vaccine could it help? If you had a bird that was showing symptoms of Mareks that was in with other young birds and the other young birds aren't showing any signs of Mareks if they start laying is it safe to eat their eggs...
  2. dandydoodle

    Hen with hurt leg and question about Marecks. Please help.

    I have a hen that is limping around. One of her legs seems to be hurting her. I assume she hurt it jumping off a nesting box or something. I am a little nervous though. Can birds get Marecks if they are four years old. I assume she just hurt herself so I am not doing any treatment. I figure it...
  3. dandydoodle


    Is this right? I got Saint Johns Wort it is in capsule form 300 mg. Do I open the capsule and put the powder in one tablespoon of distilled water? How many drops do I give her and how long do I treat her. Thanks so much
  4. dandydoodle

    Saint Johns Wart? Where do I get it?

    I have a bird that is sick. I am not positive if she was born with something wrong with her or if she has Mareks. Several people have suggested it is possibly Mareks and have recommended I try Saint Johns Wart. Where do I get it and want dose and how do I give it to her. Please HELP!!! Thanks,
  5. dandydoodle

    Hen can no longer sit up or walk what could it be??

    I have a young hen about 5 months old. She seemed fine until a about a month ago. I started noticing her having trouble standing. It slowly but, progressively got worse. Eventually she couldn't stand at all. She would just sit. Now she can't sit anymore and she lies on her side. She is still...
  6. dandydoodle

    Need help. Roo rattles when he breathes.

    I have two roos that rattle when they breath. I hatched them from eggs that I purchased. The girls I hatched from the eggs don't have the problem with the chest rattling just the boys. They are about a year old. None of my other birds have this problem. On two different occasions I have given...
  7. dandydoodle

    Mareks question?

    What are the symptoms of Mareks? Thanks, Michelle
  8. dandydoodle

    Anyone know what could be wrong???????

    I have a Speckled Sussex pullet that I got from someone else. I got her when she was about two to three months old from someone else. I put her in isolation for about a week and then put her with everyone else. She seemed fine for about a month then she started seeming like she was having...
  9. dandydoodle

    Couple of chickens with a cold what do I do???

    I have 2 or 3 chickens that seem to have a cold what do I do. They have runny noses and keep sneezing. Does anyone know what could be wrong. Does this sound like just a cold. Should I do anything to treat them? I don't want to end up losing anyone and for this cold thing to spread further. So...
  10. dandydoodle

    Emergency. Yolk sac still attached.

    I think most of the stuff is absorbed but, it is still attached. Will it fall off or will it absorb all of it? Do I cut it off? Will it cause its navel to bleed? What do I do?????? HELP!!!!!!!!
  11. dandydoodle

    What are the chances????????? Help please!!!!!!!! Lockdown tomorrow and need help.

    I ordered 7 shipped eggs. Out of the seven I had four left as of 3 days ago. 3 have large irregular shaped air sacs and one looks normal. One of the large irregular shaped air sac ones also had a large bubble of some kind where it shouldn't have been it passed 2 days ago. I am guessing the large...
  12. dandydoodle

    Large irregular air sac?????? Help!!!!!!! Would like peoples thoughts on this.

    I am incubating some shipped eggs. Out of 7 eggs I have three with babies alive in them. Two out of the three have really large irregular looking air sacs. Is this because the air sacs got messed up in the mail? The air sacs take up over 50 percent of the egg and they are irregular shaped. The...
  13. dandydoodle

    What is wrong with my pullet????????????

    I have a beautiful little EE pullet. She is 3 or 4 months old She seemed perfectly fine until two days ago. The first day I noticed she kept loosing her balance and kept catching herself with her wing. The next day she couldn't walk at all. She is lying on her stomach. Every once in a while she...
  14. dandydoodle

    Crazy and a little embarrassing question about incubating.

    Okay so my incubator is stinky. I clean it with antibacterial soap after each hatch but, it just keeps getting stinkier. I bought a new expensive one but, it just doesn't work like old faithful. So I want to keep using my old Hovabator what can I do to keep it from getting stinky. Thanks so much...
  15. dandydoodle

    Is this a real pure breed???????

    Is there a such thing as a Brown pure breed Ameraucana???? I haven't heard of this color before and someone is offering some to me but, I do not want them unless this is actually a recognized pure breed color. I don't want to get any EEs. Please help. If this is a real pure breed if someone has...
  16. dandydoodle

    (Slipped tendon) How will I know if I get it back in??????? :(

    I have to try to put a babies tendon back in today. I really don't want to loose this little one. I have had a baby with a slipped tendon before and when I tried to put it in I couldn't tell when I got it in right and things didn't end so well. :( So how will I know when I get the tendon in...
  17. dandydoodle

    3 day old baby with slipped tendon or splayed leg. HELP!!!!

    I have a 3 day old baby with a slipped tendon of a splayed leg. I don't know what the difference or how to fix it. Can someone help me?????? Does someone have a link that they could put on here that could help me. I need a link that will help me be able to tell the difference and how to fix it...
  18. dandydoodle

    Auction ends Wednesday 4/10/13 Rare Pure breed Coronation Sussex roo. Greenfire Farms bloodline

    I am selling a 6 and half month old rare Coronation Sussex roo. He is Greenfire Farms bloodline. I am NPIP certified. I would like to handle this like an auction. Sorry I don't know how to set it up that way. I will start the bidding at 50 dollars. Whoever the highest bidder is Wednesday 4/10/13...
  19. dandydoodle

    Help!!!! baby born with stuff hanging out. :(

    Help, one of my babies was born with stuff hanging out maybe egg yolk thing. Is there anything I can do??? Is there any chance she will live or is there no hope. Please help be honest even if you think it is hopeless. I just kind of want to know what to expect.
  20. dandydoodle

    What is the difference between Food grade and Feed grade DE?????

    What is the difference between Food grade and Feed grade DE. I am wanting to clean my coop and put DE down but, it is expensive. The guy at the feed store said he can get me the same size bag for 10 dollars cheaper but, it is Feed grade and not Food grade. What is the difference???????
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