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  1. wolfwalker

    September 2021 Hatch - A - Long

    Here it is September 3rd and one has started a September thread yet. I'm shocked. Anyway I went looking for the thread as I will be setting a test batch in the incubator this Sunday. I will collect today and tomorrow to add the the last two days so I can test the fall seasons hatchability as I...
  2. wolfwalker

    June 2021 Hatch - A - Long

    It's funny how you can not even be 2 weeks into a month and the eggs you set will hatch the following month. I set 37 Aloha and 5 FBCM eggs today.
  3. wolfwalker

    May 2021 Hatch - A - Long

    Really, really, it's just now the 11th of April. I just set 41 Aloha eggs and 7 FBCM eggs in the incubator which puts them with a hatch day of May 2nd. AND, in a weeks time, I will have a free incubator and will fill that one up too. Just not sure what I am putting in there yet, after all I do...
  4. wolfwalker

    April 2021 Hatch - A - Long

    I set another 20 Aloha eggs in the incubator this morning with a hatch date of April 5th. I ended up discarding 20 Aloha hatching eggs at day 10 last night. Not real happy with my Aloha Roo right now. He and I will be having a long discussion on differing chicken soup recipes later today :)
  5. wolfwalker

    Looking to do 6 Test shipments

    Is anyone willing to help me test the best way to package and ship eggs? All you would have to do is pay postage, which usps states is 15.50 and give me feedback in what kind of shape they arrived in. You will receive 12 fertile eggs, all pure breeds and can be from the following. Welsummer...
  6. wolfwalker

    why was my thread moved out of where it is supposed to be

    So back in December I started a January 2021 hatch a long thread. a week ago I received a notice from a moderator that my thread was moved out of the hatch a longs and placed into hatching and incubation. My question is why?
  7. wolfwalker

    January 2021 Hatch-A-Long

    I will be setting Eggs next weekend for a hatch date of January 10th. Lets hope this new year is better than 2020 ended up being. I will be setting more Aloha eggs and White Americana eggs.
  8. wolfwalker

    ET visited 2 nights ago

    Or why the heck is that owl walking fifty feet towards the chicken tractor and walking all around it
  9. wolfwalker

    I am so pissed at one of my CCL Roo's right now

    Up to yesterday, the roo was a little forceful in mating, but nothing serious. Today, he was chasing one particular hen and she was screaming like she was being attacked. well a little while ago I went into the coop and spotted him trying not to mate with teh hen but actually attack her as she...
  10. wolfwalker

    Best way to get blood off a Rooster

    So 'Meanie' (named by my nephew for some odd reason) cut his wattle a few hours ago. Blood everywhere. Dang nab it (tame version of what I said). So his chest and neck is covered in congealed and dry blood that is matting his feathers into lumps. I quickly dabbed (read smooshed a ton) of corn...
  11. wolfwalker

    So, this hen looked like a RIR until full molt was complete

    So this hen last year looked like a washed out Rhode Island Red, so did the other one by the way. They came from McMurray hatchery and now that they have filled out from the molt from hell. their first true molt this one looks a little suspicious. The other is a very dark red and very indicative...
  12. wolfwalker

    This is going to be the most used tool

    So, for those that raise chicks, and I do raise what seems like a lot, as the incubators have not stopped since August, we deal with differing feeds for the most part. I use pellets for the adults, I just switched to a 20% all flock and I have switched brands of chick starter to a meat bird...
  13. wolfwalker

    The joys of ordering chicks months in advance

    McMurray sent tracking info on my chicks today. Ones that I ordered back in October. And of course we will be experiencing weird weather with lows in the 20's for the next 3 mornings. Last year we experienced 50 year weather. And mother nature is trying to trump last year it looks like. The...
  14. wolfwalker

    Lt Brahma's grand mummy stepped out on grand pappy

    Or, I have 2 out of 4 light Brahma's that lay a blue-green egg. These were bought from Murry McMurry 2 years ago, so Hatchery quality birds. Except for the egg color they are pretty good as far as the SOP. So, I've been thinking (To much hatching most likely started the thoughts), knowing the...
  15. wolfwalker

    January 2020 Hatch along

    Unless something drastic happens, these will be the last shipped eggs I place in the incubators. Or I should say I will be placing in the incubators on Sunday after a 24 hour rest after arrival. Which will put the hatch date around January the 12th. I will be so thankful when I am back to...
  16. wolfwalker

    Cornish cross chicks arriving next week

    Welp, Play on words intended :) It has been 19 years since I raised meat birds and as i wanted supplemental heat for my greenhouse over the next couple of months, just to keep it above 40 on the rare night we drop to the high 30's I have 25 SR of Welp's Cornish cross broilers coming in next...
  17. wolfwalker

    Eascape Artist in training

    My temporary brooder cage, which i am using until the wooden one is done tomorrow has a small corner knocked out when i cleaned it for use for the chicks instead of Tilapia. So it should work during construction right? After all they are only 16 days old or so. While fixing mom breakfast, i...
  18. wolfwalker

    Incubator dedicated to hatching only

    Do any of you use an incubator just for lock down and hatching? If so, which brand or style do you find is best? I am thinking of getting another just so I have ease of cleanup.
  19. wolfwalker

    3 buff silkie roo's bisbee az

    need to rehome 3 buff silkie roos'. Got 6 silkies, as other half asked for them, was supposed to be hens, turns out 3 are roosters and roosters are not in our plans right now. They are on the smaller size.
  20. wolfwalker

    these Silkie's were supposed to be all female

    but it looks like there is at least 1 male, if not more out of these 6. And to top it off I have serious doubts they are pure silkie. The old timer I got these from was ill and getting rid of everything and had multiple rare breeds, as he called them, housed together. I do know they were...
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