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  1. Tivona

    Rectal prolapse

    I just really looked at the picture of the prolapse. My girl had it bigger. I remember how worried I was. :hugsJust keep doing your best. It took days of work but each time she laid it wasn't as bad as the last time.
  2. Tivona

    Rectal prolapse

    Use a warm bath to help with the swelling. Just keep gently pushing it back in. Hope your girl will be okay.
  3. Tivona

    Rectal prolapse

    I forgot to mention I kept her really well lubricated back there. I used jelly 2 to 3 times a day while she laid her remaining eggs. I think she had about 5 she laid after that prolapse happened. Each egg came with a tiny bit blood streaks. The prolapse would pop out just a touch each time but...
  4. Tivona

    Rectal prolapse

    I had a goose a few years back with prolapse. I had to give her a warm bath to reduce the swelling and clean the area. When I took her out of the water I used lots of Preparation H and lubricating jelly to very very gently push everything back in. I had to do this about 3 or 4 times. My girl...
  5. Tivona

    Sexing Ducklings (Please check here first :D )

    One of my drakes just lost his tail curl in the yard. I quick grabbed it for a few pictures.
  6. Tivona

    A case of a quack and a curl.

    If your talking about the low raspy quack at the end its from another drake just of screen. All the sharp loud quacks are from this duck. No soft sounds from this one.
  7. Tivona

    A case of a quack and a curl.

    Okay so I have had ducks for years and as a result, I am very good at recognizing drakes versus females, usually. This one has me a bit confused. He? has a very clear curled tail feather and behaves more in a males type of behavior. Sort of on the watch and follows that other girls around. Then...
  8. Tivona

    Geese Breed Focus - Pilgrim

    Hard to say. Mine are fine with them. Geese are louder then roosters and that included Pilgrims though. Volume wise mine are a little less then the Embdens I had and wayyyy quieter then the Toulouse I had. My Toulouse though were crazy loud and not typical of the breed. The Pilgrims love to...
  9. Tivona

    Geese Breed Focus - Pilgrim

    Not really. My girl Nimbo will fly over a 4 1/2 foot fence if she feels like it. All my others don't fly unless its the only option. They might fly over a 2 foot fence but that is a big if. Most likely they would fly/hop/climb if they needed to get over anything over 2 feet. I use a lot of 3...
  10. Tivona

    Geese Breed Focus - Pilgrim

    I forgot to mention my egg numbers are higher. My girl Nimbo in the pictures has been laying twice a year for me. I get a bunch of eggs in spring and then she goes broody. Then again in late fall she starts laying a bunch again. I don't let her sit on the autumn eggs because by the time they...
  11. Tivona

    Geese Breed Focus - Pilgrim

    I'll start. I had had two other breeds of geese before getting my Pilgrims. I had Embdens and Toulouse geese prior. I really found the sex-link concept especially appealing. I was also drawn to the fact that they are considered a calm sweet breed. I have them for fun mostly but also for taking...
  12. Tivona

    What gender are my geese?

    Its hard to tell from the pictures but I see 4 girls. How old are they? More pictures like the first one but standing back further might help. Look for how they hold their heads when just walking or standing peacefully preferably when they are not near you so they are just being themselves...
  13. Tivona

    Breeding/Genetics curiousity

    I have no doubt it could be done. The males would most likely be very similar to Pilgrim ganders in with white coloring. I don't have the time or land or money but I wondered about crossing the Sebastopol and Pilgrims to get a color sexed Seb. Sebastopol have frequently been crossed with other...
  14. Tivona

    New to Geese..need some suggestions

    Goats and geese can do well together. My suggestion is the same for the goats as for introducing them to the adult birds. There is a thread you might like that is very similar to what your asking. Here is what I said in post #6
  15. Tivona

    Help Please - Sick Goose

    Not sure about the rest but for the limping I would check her for hot spots due to injury, sprain or strain. Some time after her bath and she is back to normal temperatures gently feel her feet, legs and hips for any hot spots. If its an injury or from sprain you might be able to feel it. If you...
  16. Tivona

    New to Geese..need some suggestions

    Geese are not particular in needs for coops with the exception of making it safe from predators. If it worked for the chickens it should work for the geese at night. Main differences are chickens like to roost and geese stay on the ground. Nesting and sleep are both done on the ground so make...
  17. Tivona

    How do you pin a goose to the ground?

    Pinning works well for most ganders but for really stubborn ones picking them up works better. Perhaps if your hubby could grab him and bring him to you while your sitting in a chair? I had one gander I didn't want to carry because he weighted a ton. I just grabbed him and carried him over to a...
  18. Tivona

    Dealing with aggressive goose

    I too am having infighting. First time for me having to actually deal with it. I have more geese this year plus a new one they haven't fully accepted. I had to break up a fight for the first time between a couple of mine. They were flogging and biting each other. I pulled them apart because of...
  19. Tivona

    Clafouti - French Apple Custard (Diabetic/Low sodium friendly)

    Old thread here I know. I've only made one clafoutis in the past and used duck eggs. Anyone here ever try making clafoutis with goose egg? I was thinking of giving it a try here as I have a bunch of them and thought that the extra richness might work well. Seeing as I am not that familiar with...
  20. Tivona

    First timer with goslings on the way

    They are very similar to ducklings. Goslings are easy to raise from my experience and basically the same in needs to the ducklings. Goslings are more snugly and likely to climb you so they can be right by your face if you let them then ducklings. Goslings are more likely to happily follow you...
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