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  1. Iloveourbabychick


    This is my fathers hen.She been wanting to sit on eggs all summer and fall.But has busted her eggs and ate them.Now she is moulting and has hardly any feathers left.Its cold here.Her legs seem really weak.She eats good.Should I bring her in the house where its warm and would could her problem...
  2. Iloveourbabychick

    Handsome Blue Laced Red Wyandotte to good home ONLY

    We have a 1 year old handsome blue laced red wyandotte.We grew him from an incubator.His name is Happy.Hes not just "a regular chicken" hes very special.We hate to get rid of him.Its just we live in an apartment and we will be evicted if we dont get rid of him.Please if anyone is in the NC area...
  3. Iloveourbabychick

    Poop dust with indoor chicken?

    We have a 1 year old rooster.He lives in our bedroom.He has took over the whole bedroom.We have chicken dust mostly in this room but it is showing up in other parts of the apartment now.We would love to find a home for this rooster but no one wants roosters.He is a handsome sweet guy but he dont...
  4. Iloveourbabychick

    A problem with our rooster..

    He actually came into our apt as an egg,we incubated him and this month he'll be a year old.He is a blue laced red wyandotte,a beautiful guy.He can be loving.He has one bedroom to himself and spends all day and night watching Disney channel. Trouble is-- Is this the best for his life? Hes...
  5. Iloveourbabychick

    Hens or Roo's???Pix

    So what do you think...which are hens,which are roo's? thanks
  6. Iloveourbabychick

    Cat killing a chicken?

    Is it possible for a cat to kill a full grown bantum chicken?My father has chickens and he said a cat had got in and killed the chicken.We think weasel.What do you think?Also do possums kill chickens?
  7. Iloveourbabychick

    Urgent our 10 month old Rooster got attacked by our Dog

    Hes 10 months old.Hes our house rooster.He was running loose in the bedroom and we opened the door and accidentally our boston terrier got in there and attacked him..We cant see any marks on him.We looked at his throat and everything and we see nothing.There was about 10 drops of blood after the...
  8. Iloveourbabychick

    Do day old chicks pick on each other?

    Today me and my mom went into Tractor Supply and we saw baby chicks bleeding..I mean bad...From their wings and back and butt.And the other chicks who were the same size and age were constanitly pecking at these poor chicks wounds.It was horiable.There was bunches of chickens had to be able 100...
  9. Iloveourbabychick

    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Rooster 9 months old

    Happy is our house pet, but since spring came, Happy isn't happy any more.We raised him from an incubator and he has his own daughter gave up her room for him.He's been a happy guy, watching cartoons and talking to himself. But I think he'd be happier living with some hens and...
  10. Iloveourbabychick

    Whats the best for our 7 month old rooster?

    He lives in our house right now...We hatched him from an incubator.He has always been inside.He has never been around other chickens..He likes to watch cartoons and be friends with Thats all he knows..We built him a lil fence in our house.Tile on the floor and chicken wire around it and...
  11. Iloveourbabychick

    Putting Bletch in Chickens water?

    I'm worried about my fathers chickens.He heard some where that putting a cap full of bletch into the chickens water will get rid of parasites and mites....I dont thing hes very right in the head...Hes gonna do it and im affraid for his chickens..Is this right to do or what? Thanks
  12. Iloveourbabychick

    To a GOOD home.Beautiful Blue laced Red Wyandotte Rooster in NC area

    We are looking for a home for Happy...Our 6 month old blue laced red Wyandotte rooster.We raised him from an incubator..Hes a sweetie...We cant keep him because we live in an apartment...If your interested pleae write me on here or email me at [email protected] thanks We want someone...
  13. Iloveourbabychick

    Building an Indoor yard for our chicken.Advice?

    Our big roo Happy is 5 months old.We are gonna make him a lil yard in our house.We live in NC.Is it ok to put clay in there with him and what about hay?I dont want him to eat the hay and get it stuck in his throat.Hes still on chick starter..Does he need grit or is the clay enough?Thanks.Please...
  14. Iloveourbabychick

    I have a house chicken..what is all the dust in my room?

    Happy our rooster lives in my bedroom.Hes in a huge dog cage.I noticed theres dust like all over my desk and tv..And its never been like this..Is this coming from the feed?or what?Is it bad to sleep in there?Thanks Its imposiable to put him outside because we live in an apartment. No rude...
  15. Iloveourbabychick

    what kind of chicken is this?pic included

    This is my fathers(who is very mean) chickens bought for 6 dollars a piece...10 hens and a rooster....My father has to try to beat us because we have happy(our blue laced red wyandotte)he says these chickens are very expensive chickens and are blue when they are born..Hes going to breed them...
  16. Iloveourbabychick

    Here is pix of Happy at 3 months old and his story please read

    He was the only chick that hatched from our incubator..Hes a blue laced Red Wyandotte.He grew up alone with cats as his friends and me my mom and sis as his mothers.We tought him how to eat,scratch and drink.I remmeber him being in our hands.He was a loner.But a happy loner.He loved...
  17. Iloveourbabychick

    House chicken with Diaper running around the and don't?

    Can someone please give me the do's and don't of a house chicken..We have rug on the floor.We are affriad hes gonna eat that.Can he diguest that?Hes 3 months old.Hes our baby.And att what age can he have gravel? He dont know how to roost on a perch..So hes gonna be sleeping in bed with me..
  18. Iloveourbabychick

    Help..chicken making weird sounds

    He sounds hoarse when he peeps.It just started after he gobbled into his food tonight.He wont drink now but he has been drinking today.Hes been sneezing.This all started after the food thing.He drank some water then shot out a poop of just pure water...but otherwise hes doing good.Hes just...
  19. Iloveourbabychick

    Is our chick a bantam or a big chicken?Pix included

    Happy as some of you might remember him.Hes 9 weeks old now.Do you guys think hes a bantam or do you think hes gonna be a big chicken???We need to know because we are gonna get him chicken diapers and hes gonna be around the house with us.Thanks
  20. Iloveourbabychick

    At what age are chickens fully grown?

    I'm just wondering..Because our chicken Happy is over 2 months old.And we are wondering if he is a bantum or a big chicken...thanks
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