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  1. Hensforbrains

    Trouble sexing black orpington cross chicks

    I recently got 4 chicks from a family member. Their dad was a purebreed black orpington and the mother was as much of a mixed breed as you can get. I have heard that sexing orpingtons is very difficult so I need some help with these. I was told that half the chicks had that hatched in that...
  2. Hensforbrains

    When can I sex my Wyandottes

    I hatched 7 GLW chicks last week. Last time a hatched 7 chicks (BR) 5 of them were roos. How early can I sex them (without vent sexing)? is it 6-10 weeks or is there some trick to sexing GLW sooner? I am hoping for at least 3 pullets this time.
  3. Hensforbrains

    Day 14 egg moving and making tapping sounds

    I have incubated a few batches of eggs in the past but I have never had one making tapping sounds or rocking around this early until now. Details: GLW, Day 14, humidity has been between 45-50% the entire time, temperature stable at 37.5 celcius, shipped eggs. It's only one out of 8 of them doing...
  4. Hensforbrains

    Sexing 2 and a half week old Barred Rock Chicks

    I got 10 fertile barred rock eggs from a breeder. These 7 hatched and i have no idea what i am doing when it comes to sexing them. I have looked at other threads and i can sort of see what they are on about exept when i look at my ones. sorry that some of the pictures are blurry. please help...
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