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  1. Fritatta

    (creepy?) way to get barren hen to lay?

    My year old buff orp has never laid an egg. everyone else lays very well. She is very healthy (my fattest), gets to free range with the group, and appears to be the top hen. she is also the one who comes running to me when I am near, and crouches for me. I've seen that some folks reach down an...
  2. Fritatta

    I tried PetSmart live mealworms to start a colony but...

    they all died. got black and crispy, I never saw an adult or a pupae. I had them on oats with pieces of carrot. I watched several videos on it, and read lots. Would it be the Petsmart worms? do I need to order from a mealworm dealer?
  3. Fritatta

    20 day old chick challenged my top hen!

    Im am SOOOO sorry I dont have a video - it was hilarious. My 2+ week old white leghorn chick flapped up and pecked at my top hen cause the hen was pecking at her treat. AND IT WORKED! The hen backed down and walked away, kind of dumbfounded. These little guys keep me laughing. I love it.
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