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    Could things get any worse?! Frozen Wing/Feet, dehydration, and lice/mites

    I hatched some eggs back in August resulting in a single chick due to a massive temperature spike. This one and only chick lived in a brooder in my room for months, knows his name, follows me, and now clearly doesn't know how to be a chicken. He has spent the last 3 months with the rest of our...
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    Coturnix quail with swollen eyes?!?

    I purchased 14 three week old quail just under four weeks ago. They are all housed together at the moment and I have not had the time to sex them and separate out which ones I'm keeping. This last week along with the arrival of their first eggs I have noticed a couple with swollen eyes. I have...
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    August 2016 Hatch-A-Long

    Anyone else setting eggs for an August hatch? I just put 24 black australorp and Rhode Island Red X black australorp cross eggs in. This will be my first hatch in almost 3 years.
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    Hatched ducklings and gone broody again?!?

    My lovely group of ducks has me thoroughly confused!:/ I have: 1 Rouen hen 1 blue Swedish X Rouen hen 1 buff X khaki Campbell drake 2 Muscovy hens 1 Muscovy drake First one of my Muscovy hens hatched ducklings that appear to be mules on 5/12/16. She isn't the best mother (after returning lost...
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    Is my new duck a male or female?

    I was given a duck just the other day and don't know what he/she is. Mom is a buff and dad is a khaki Campbell and was hatched this spring.
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    Price for India Blue Hatching Eggs

    I have 30 or so India Blue peafowl and have been selling some to local people but recently received and e-mail asking if I would sell hatching eggs next spring. I said yes figuring it won't be any big deal but now I don't know what to charge for the eggs. My question is what do you normally...
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    Need hatching advice ASAP!

    I ordered 30 coturnix quail eggs and set them in the bator 14 1/2 days ago. I let them sit for 12 hours before setting them. I left the turner off for the first 3 days. I am down to 14 that aren't quiters or clears. Most have good air cells and only a couple have saddle shapes ones. So here's...
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    Is my duck going to go broody?

    I have 3 female ducks that I collect eggs from daily up until a week ago. I thought one of them stopped laying because I could never find the third egg. Come to find out she has been laying them in the chicken coop and the only reason I saw them was because she had them uncovered. Do you think...
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    Game bird starter ( best/favorite brands)?

    I'm getting coturnix quail for eggs and meat and have done lots of reading. Now I'm down to what brand of feed to get. I have to order feed no matter what since my local feed store only carries nutrena game bird feed pellets (24% protein) and I don't want to deal with the pellets. My local...
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    Looking for Texas a&m quail eggs

    I found texas a&m hatching eggs for sale for 40 cents an egg but they are in Texas. I was hoping to find someone closer to me as I am in eastern Oregon. If you know anybody with them or have some yourself and are near me please let me know.
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    Cage sizes for coturnix quail?

    So I haven't gotten any quail yet but I am looking into getting some. I have read alot of helpful info on here but my question is would my old rabbit cages work for quail? I have many extra rabbit cages (I breed and raise rabbit). They are 100% wire with wood frames and plastic roofing and...
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    Duck with crusty/runny eyes

    I have a total of 7 ducks (5 females and 2 drakes). When I went up to feed tonight after having my mom care for them for a few days I noticed that my female Ancona was missing more feathers on the back of her neck then any one else and that her eyes were runny (almost foam like) and there was a...
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    First duck eggs in the bator!!

    This is my first time ever incubating eggs. I got an incubator with an auto egg turner from my local feed store and placed 11 eggs in it. It is now day 15 almost 16. I had to remove two of the 11 eggs in the first week since there was no growth but the 9 left are doing great! I'm really...
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    Ducks not laying eggs???

    In my group of ducks I have 4 females. My blue Swedish lost the babies she hatched about a month ago due to a dog so I don't expect her to be laying again but my other three ducks haven't layed any since I brought them back from the county fair. . I brought the three in question to the county...
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    If a duck loses her babies less then a month after hatching them will she lay more eggs and try to h

    I have a mix breed female duck that is 3 years old. Every year she has tried to hatch eggs but something always happens. The first year she was able to hatch 1 baby and I was able to pen him up until he was old enough to run around. I think a combination between our livestock guardian dog and...
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    New Member Introductions :)

    Hello everyone! My family has had chickens, ducks and occasionally some turkey for the last 6 years. Up until this last year the ducks were just pets and the chickens were for eggs. I was always thought a chicken is just a chicken and didn't think there were so many breeds, colors and not to...
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