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  1. Dawson

    BO rhode island red

    I have 1 Buff orpington and 1 rhode island red i would like to get rid of them the are about a little over a year old and lay good eggs thanks PICK UP ONLY
  2. Dawson

    BO rhode island red

    i have 1 b o and 1 rhode island red and i want to get rid of the m pick up only please and these birs are about a year ol and lay good eggs.
  3. Dawson

    Incubater Pennsylavania

    hi im looking for a used incubater in central pa i will trade for chickens if any would like i have 1 BO 1 Rhode island red and 2 delwares and 1 light brahmah if any one will trade please let me know i will not ship drop off or pick up only
  4. Dawson

    2 delaware hens and 1 BO

    I have two delaware hens and 1 buff orpington for sale pick up only.
  5. Dawson

    speckled sussex

    DOes any body have a speckled sussex the would trade for a bard rock hen 1 silike roo 1 silkie and cochin mixed roo 1 rhode island red 1 buff orpington hen hen.
  6. Dawson

    2 Roosters

    I have 1 silkie rooster and i have 1 one silkie a and 1 cochin rooster i can only do pick up if pics needed let me know. Iw ill accept you best offer and i need to know how to add pics if you want them thanks i need a reasonable amount for the 2
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