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  1. TheReadyBoys

    Duck is very slow and seems stunned

    I was on a trip this week, and I got back on Friday. I went to the barn and there was two dead ducks. I called my dad, who had been looking after them, and he said there hadn't been anything wrong on Thursday. We took them out of the pen, but than I noticed another problem. One other duck was...
  2. TheReadyBoys

    Water bowl that only allows beak?

    My rooster has frostbite on his comb and I am a little bit worried. One thing I read to do is make sure that chickens can only put there beak in the water, or else there comb will become wet and this can cause frostbite. I am going to try to get more ventilation in the coop. But my question is...
  3. TheReadyBoys

    Simple nesting boxes?

    I just bought a few more hens yesterday and I need a quick and simple nesting box idea. I was thing something with a bucket or milk crate. Nothing fancy, just something I can make with some extra material I find around the barn. Thanks!
  4. TheReadyBoys

    Duck sitting on eggs only sometimes

    I have a duck who only sits on the eggs when she is locked up in her coop. When I let her out to free range, she follows the drake around. They are best friends and don't like to be separated. How can I get her to stay on the nest when the drake goes out side to free range. Also, I have a...
  5. TheReadyBoys

    Wrestling ducks???

    I currently have a duck sitting on a pile of eggs. She has about 7-8 days left till they are due to hatch. In the pen with her, there is a drake and another female. Just a few minutes ago, I was putting them back in the pen. The duck who is sitting got up to get a drink and some feed. The drake...
  6. TheReadyBoys

    Will the drake attack the new ducklings?

    I know that drakes don't like ducklings, but if they are newly hatched in the pen will the mother take really good care and not let the drake near them? Or should I make a brooding pen for her? The eggs could hatch any day!
  7. TheReadyBoys

    Weasel Attack!!

    A few weeks ago, I gave my cousin a few of ducklings. They were pretty big and were very pretty. He kept them in the barn and today was the second time he let them out into the stream. Later in the evening, he got home to find one duckling in the barn with a gash on his neck. He is alive, but...
  8. TheReadyBoys

    Can a chicken hatch a duck egg?

    I put a fertilized duck egg under a hen that is broody. Will she be able to hatch it?
  9. TheReadyBoys

    Hen sitting on egg with ruffled feathers?

    So One of my three hens has been sitting on the eggs for the past day. Her feathers get ruffled when I go near her, and she makes a funny noise. There have only been two eggs, and I am starting to wonder what she might be doing. Any ideas?
  10. TheReadyBoys

    Plymouth Rocks???

    There are some Plymouth Rocks for sale in my area. I am looking to expand my flock, but I want to get the best from them. They will be free ranged a few days of the week, and they will be around ducks as well. Are they aggressive? Do they lay good eggs? Basically, is there anything I should know...
  11. TheReadyBoys

    Duck sitting on eggs.. any tips??

    My duck has started sitting on her eggs, and I am happy at that. But today she was looking at me like she needed something. There was lots of water, feed, and I had just put some fresh straw in the pen as well. She kept looking at me as if she wanted something else. She has quite a pile of eggs...
  12. TheReadyBoys

    Do ducks have a pecking order?

    Do ducks have a pecking order like chickens?
  13. TheReadyBoys

    Ducklings in critical condition NEED HELP!!!

    Today when the ducklings went outside, they were beat up and cut/scratched. I know that the drake is doing this, because he always chases them and pecks them. I have separated them, with the mother and the ducklings in a small pen, and the drake and the other duck in another. The ducklings are...
  14. TheReadyBoys

    Drake chasing other ducks?

    So I have seven ducks. Four duckling, a drake and two female ducks. The drake and one duck walk around together, while the ducklings and there mother walk around together. Sometimes, for no reason, the drake will run to the ducklings and chase them and try to peck them. He even picked one up...
  15. TheReadyBoys

    Duck waterer

    I just got ducks, and I am wondering what I can use as a waterer. I currently have some half milk jugs, and a kiddy pool, but they aren't efficient, as they aren't always free ranging, and the milk jugs always get knocked over. It needs to be big enough for there head, and small enough for...
  16. TheReadyBoys

    Tips for ducks?

    I am getting a few ducks today, and I was wondering if there are any tips on raising them. Are they mostly like raising chickens? My moms friend was getting rid of them, so she said I would take them. Any suggestions?
  17. TheReadyBoys

    Chickens Dust Bathing (Video)

    Here is a video I made of my hens dust bathing. It's not great quality, but I thought it was kind of cool.
  18. TheReadyBoys

    Need new chickens! What to get?

    Well, I only have 3 RIR's and a Light Brown Leghorn Rooster left, so I think it is time I get a few more chickens. Any suggestions on what to get? I was thinking Barred Rock or Buff Orpington. Are they any good?
  19. TheReadyBoys

    Lost another hen :(

    I let the chickens free range last night, and I went into town for a bit. When I got home, there were feathers all over the ground! I think it is a fox, but I'm not sure. Is there anything I can do to get these foxes away?
  20. TheReadyBoys

    Adding a chicken to the flock

    So, a couple of months ago, I noticed one of my hens was loosing feathers and had a big cut and some other things on her chest. I took her out of the flock and put her in a dog crate by herself away from the others. She has healed up great, but when I tried to add her back into the flock today...
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