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  1. redtailross

    What farm animal would you suggest?

    I don't think the cold really limits you, we live in interior Alaska where it reaches -45 or less... we have sheep, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, guniea fowl, turkeys, goats. I have all types from Silkies to buffs, my sheep are shetland sheep a super hardy breed that is a wild type almost...
  2. redtailross

    What do your geese do that make them YOUR geese?

    we have a selection of geese and ours love to spy on us through the window of the back door, they like to see what we are up to. They also love to test the logs of the house with their beaks, which we can hear from the inside... They also knock on the door at feeding time...tap tap tap on the...
  3. redtailross

    Newbie from the Channel Islands

    Hello Hello... Chickens are Top! Never been to Jersey, but would love to visit someday, Im from Coventry UK orginally but have lived in Alaska for the last 2 years... would come right back home if I could leave my 10 acres of peace and quite lol... need any help let me know Laura
  4. redtailross

    Check out the comb and wattles on Honey!

    She is lovely... I wish my Light Brahma was as nice, mine eats her eggs No idea on the influence of comb size on egg size sorry...
  5. redtailross

    Buff Orpingtons

    I think Buffs are quite a strong breed, I have 5 out of a flock of 30ish and all are doing great, but I had 5 Australorps, that have all died... from the same purhcase.... I put it down to a bad batch?
  6. redtailross

    The new "What you listening to?" thread

    listening to the Divine Comedy - tonight we fly...right this minute at work with the trusty IPod... As in whats my fav right now...Lily Allen
  7. redtailross

    Summer is over

    Just wanted to say...Summer seems to be over in Interior Alaska, we had our first frost on Monday night, it dropped to 32 F. And today has been much the same...already thinking about buy a new coat. Its a little early, but at least I can go back to wearing my wooly jumpers! Enjoy the rest of...
  8. redtailross

    Mail Order Chicks???

    we have chicks, ducklings, goslings, turkey poults, guinea keets mailed up here to central Alaska, no worries. Lost only 4 over two years of mailings. average of 30 chicks a time. Have some more coming from cackle that should be here on Friday! To get them up here is a two day mailing. We...
  9. redtailross

    Geese as predator protection?

    Geese are great watchdogs, but they will not scare away a coyote or a fox. I have had two eaten this year by a mid size fox. I found that one will seem to scarifice itself for the rest of the flock, which in turn just brings the fox back another night until you shoot it or it eats all your...
  10. redtailross

    Which cookbook could you absolutely not live without?

    Mary berrys complete cookbook, she was there before Deliah...her book taught me how to cook! Or Savoring India: Recipes and Reflections on Indian Cooking (Williams-Sonoma: The Savoring Series) by Julie Sahni Best Curries ever... Or The Game Cookbook by Clarissa Wright. amazing recipes...
  11. redtailross

    These are the people in my neighbourhood

    we have 10 acres so we don't see them often if at all. Musher who comes to Alaska for 4 weeks in the winter to run his huskies in the ididarod, he is from Philly. Other side we ahve crazy ex base commander, they are here for about 8 weeks in the summer, who is rebelling against his millitary...
  12. redtailross

    Lipizzan Stallions/ Spanish Riding School of Vienna, how Lucky am I!?

    I guess thats why they were a bargain... I will read the fine print next time...should I still be excited? We both thought it was the Spanish Riding School...
  13. redtailross

    Hi from France !!

    Bonjour... from Alaska...
  14. redtailross

    Lipizzan Stallions/ Spanish Riding School of Vienna, how Lucky am I!?

    We got second row seats!! I will take my camera, and I will post pictures. I was surprised to see that they had been up here before... although I am only into my third year here... I would love to go to see them in Vienna...maybe if we get stationed back in England, its really onely ahop...
  15. redtailross

    Lipizzan Stallions/ Spanish Riding School of Vienna, how Lucky am I!?

    Hello, Well I will say that living in Alaska has its down side, there are no famous names coming to the huge ginormous music festivals, no west end shows, we barely get new movies a the cinema it seems (only the big movies none of the small idie films and especially, no British...
  16. redtailross

    Sudden death in Ducks? More Dead!

    Hello I hope you can help me... I have had two ducks die with no apparent reason, one saturday morning, a 6 week old Rouen, and then this monring, Monday a 6 week old runner? No symptoms at all, no indication that anythign is wrong? No slime in the bill or nostrils, no feed jammed ion throat or...
  17. redtailross

    Guinea fowl for meat - questions.

    OOh we want to do the same, they are yummy... I will be watching...
  18. redtailross

    Stolen Horse in SD- awful story.

    Heart breaking, how is it possible for this to happen? I'm not sure I like the idea of that person wandering round society alone...if they can do that to an animal what else could they do? Poor Dually, thoughts going your way...
  19. redtailross

    Prayers for English Chic

    Get well Soon...and drink lots of tea.... Thoughts from Alaska coming your way...warm thoughts we promise lol Laura...
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