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  1. crazy cat lady

    9 fluffy butts

    and still counting. There was a pip I didn't notice when I snatched these little guys from the bator. The box is from some guinea keets I got earlier this year. Eva
  2. crazy cat lady

    I have new baby chicks.

    Checked the incubator and I have at least 3-4 baby chicks. We are still in lockdown so will have to take pics when I get them out of the bator and into the brooderbox. Thank you yellowrose for the eggs. Eva
  3. crazy cat lady

    They're home safely

    Last year I had asked for prayers for my nephew when he had to go Iraq. Well last week he and the other 169 in his unit arrived home without any injuries or loss of life. Thank you Lord for bringing everyone home safely to their families.
  4. crazy cat lady

    kid trouble **Update****

    We have new kids about 3 days old. When we found them, one was alsmost frozen to death andwe brought her in the warm hous and she is now tlomga bptt;e amd eatomg good. Yes, they both have gotten thier colostrum(sp?). The 2nd one her mother was cleaning her or so we thought, so we let mommma...
  5. crazy cat lady

    Whine doc chickens???

    There's going to be an auction Friday and they have listed whine docs and leghorns. I know what a leghorn is as I have 26 of them. But has anyone heard of whine docs or is this maybe a misprint in the paper?
  6. crazy cat lady

    Another raccoon disposed of (may be graphic)

    Went out this morning to feed my animals, Was in the process of filling up a bucket with some turkey feed, turned round, took a couple of steps and saw him. I backed up and my SO was at the other end of the barn getting the ducks their feed. I;m pretty sure this coon was sick. Just sort of...
  7. crazy cat lady

    My birthday present

    Today is my birthday and I have bronchitis. Not exactly what I wanted. Mother Nature isn't cooperating very well either. It's raining here. Eva
  8. crazy cat lady

    Cute dog costumes

    Went to our Farm & fleet store today to the Farm Dept. Right next to Farm is Pets. On one of the endcaps they had dog clothes and toys. Theyhad a Chcken costume for a dog. Also a Cow and a Bumblebee costume. I cracked up whe I saw these.
  9. crazy cat lady

    1 Stubborn raccoon

    Trapped another coon and he was one huge son of a gun. Took him to our swimming hole and dropped him and cage into the 55 gal drum. Like I said he was huge. Had his nose out of the water and his paws on the side of the barrel. Finally had to shoot him. Took 3 shots to do him in. Like to almost...
  10. crazy cat lady

    Prayers needed Please

    My nephew deployed today for Iraq. Prayers please for his safe return home. He has a 2 yr old boy who doesn't understand why daddy is leaving again. Thank you!!
  11. crazy cat lady

    Got myself a raccoon overnight

    This makes #3 for me! Yes we diposed of it via the 55 gal. drum. I didn't even know we another one around. I was trying to get the llittle possum that I've seen on the fronth porch eating my kitties food. So far I haven't lost any birds (chickens,trukeys, ducks or geese). But I did notice that...
  12. crazy cat lady

    African geese

    Ok, I'm getting 3 african goose goslings the end of this month. Can anyone tell me how their temperament is. Are they aggressive, friendly a combo of both. I know they will be at breeding time, but what about any other time? Thanks...
  13. crazy cat lady

    sebastopol ? **UPDATE***

    She started out with 5 eggs. Last night I had to take 1 away, it wasn' fertile. The other 3 I think the chickens cracked open and ate whenever she got up to eat & drink. Tonite now she is standing over her egg. Is the egg getting ready to hatch or what? I have no clue, this is my first sebbie...
  14. crazy cat lady

    Almost lost a RIR Hen ........

    to a raccoon abut a half hour ago. Was on our way to go feed the goats and the girls were raising a ruckus. SO was in front of me so he was first one to chicken run and saw the darn thing under the coop. I went in grabbed my shovel and went back behind the coop and saw my girl laying on the...
  15. crazy cat lady

    Webbed foot swollen

    Is there anything I can do to get her foot back to normal? My little toulouse goslings left foot is swollen and I have no clue what to do for her. She is 3 weeks old. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
  16. crazy cat lady


    Is it okay to give garlic to geese if it is in a prduct? The reason I ask is I wanted to get some brewer's yeast for just in case I might need it for my geese & duck. The feed store only had it with garlilc in it. Didn't buy it. If it is okay for them then the next time I go to the feed store I...
  17. crazy cat lady

    Bantam chick ??

    I've got 3 bantam chicks from TSC and was wondering if they are slow growers? They are not quite the size as a standard chick. Will I be able to tell their sex? Roos comb or no comb. I'm thinking I have cornish rock bantams. they are a cream color.
  18. crazy cat lady

    I ordered my...........

    baby goslings and pekin ducks today. I am getting some toulouse (4 females and a drake) other than what I have read and learned from omniskies is there anything I should know to help me raise these goslings right. I am going to be a newbie at this. The duckling I already know about as I have...
  19. crazy cat lady

    NW Illinois says "Hi"

    I have posted on several forums, but I think it is time for me to introduce myself. I am a 58 yo mom of 4 (3 boys & 1 girl) and a Grandmother of 2 ( GS & GD), soon to be 3 in late July. I have 3 dogs (2 Boston terriers anda boxer), 1 cockatiel, 9 rabbits (2 Netherland dwarfs, 3 mini lops, & 5...
  20. crazy cat lady

    Can I hatch ......

    duck eggs after they have been put into the fridge or do I have to put the eggs in the incubator as soon as possible? I have hatched eggs before but this is a first for duck eggs.
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