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  1. zengrrl

    Got sand? You should!

    I love sand but I feel as if I'm constantly having to buy more. I suspect they may be eating it.
  2. zengrrl

    Roo or hen australorp?

    I can't get a good picture but this will work. I have I believe a hen and a roo Australorp. One of them has a much larger comb then the other but they both squat down when I go into the coop. Would a roo squat down as I thought that was only hen behavior?The black Australorps in the right...
  3. zengrrl

    Hello I'm Kathleen and here is a lil bout myself

    Welcome to BYC. I'm from Michigan too and you'll find so much information here.
  4. zengrrl

    How old do chicks have to be befor they are able to roost?

    My husband made me an amazing chicken ladder and I think he's hurt that they're not roosting on it yet. I told him they're only 8 weeks old and in another month or so when its winter and he won't want to build it they'll use it. Silly birds.
  5. zengrrl

    Chicken door - Help with 90 degree "arctic entry" design

    I have been looking for a similar answer and this is certainly one way to cut down on that draft.
  6. zengrrl

    Convert Loafing Shed To Coop - New To Everything Here - HELP!!

    I'm so jealous! I want a horse and look at the set up you have. Well I think you can pull it off. You should see the monstrous beast I had to start with (think its in my pics) and as long as you can make it predator safe you'll be fine.
  7. zengrrl

    What do you wish you had known before you got your chickens

    Its been quite an event having chickens. Successfully raised a flock, lost one to "failure to thrive" and one to crooked beak. Then got 2 new birds, separated for 30 days but still infected my entire flock with some illness. In the midst of treating all of them twice a day something (weasel...
  8. zengrrl

    skittish hens

    Chickens have such short memories. Give them time and they'll forget all about it.
  9. zengrrl

    Sand or shavings in my run?

    I use pine shavings in the coop and sand in the outdoor run. I've had issues with drainage though so I may layer pea gravel down first and then top with sand.
  10. zengrrl

    Keeping rabbits and chickens together!?!

    Omg - what a gorgeous boy. What kind of rabbit is that Navy mom?
  11. zengrrl

    Teared up...sigh...

    Oh how upsetting, so sorry thats so upsetting.
  12. zengrrl

    Question on GMO feed

    With so many countries banning it and here in the US the doors are thrown wide open and hey, we don't even need to know what foods contain GMOs. Here's something to consider. If GMOs weren't bad, why are are the food companies paying BILLIONS of dollars so that their brands are not labeleld...
  13. zengrrl

    Please help me understand meat eaters not wanting to process a chicken!

    Because if these people had to deal with what "processing" food truly was they would all become vegans and the food industry would be turned on its side. I mean if you thanked me as you slit my throat who are you kidding. That wouldn't make me feel any better. A mass amount of the people...
  14. zengrrl

    I'm getting a gosling!

    If you're home with your parents and your mom doesn't know its coming, it might be a good idea to see if you can switch your order for another chicken instead of the goose. Its just whats best for the bird. I mean I would love an emu but I don't have the property to accomodate one. Down the...
  15. zengrrl

    Just curious who else is living super frugal

    We have gone back and forth on being frugal. It's a tough wagon to not fall off of but we've made great progress this last year and plan on working on it this year. We've never been big meat eaters and I quit it altogether nearly a year ago. With the prices expected to skyrocket this year due...
  16. zengrrl

    Could this silkie be a hen?

    I had 6 silkies until recently... however I do recall all of them opening their beaks as if trying to crow but most turned out to be legitimate pullets.
  17. zengrrl

    Every last bird dead in the coop....

    I just read that weasels can climb trees! Omg first off I didn't even know we had weasels where I live. Also they can squeeze in an opening the size of a quarter though I didn't think I had any of those. It would have to drop onto my roof and swing under the eaves and from there drop down from...
  18. zengrrl

    Lost My Flock Last Night

    We just lost our 7 to I believe a weasel. I truly have no idea how it got in, all doors were all latched shut. I've walked around that **** coop so many times I'm dizzy and don't see anything obvious. I'm going to strip all the pine shavings out when it warms up and assess and then plan...
  19. zengrrl

    Every last bird dead in the coop....

    I went out to feed and water my birds before work and found every single bird of 7 with its throat torn out. What broke my heart was that most of them were trying to hide, under the ramp, behind the food bin. I can only imagine how terrorized they must have been. Blah. I called my husband...
  20. zengrrl

    Michigan Thread - all are welcome!

    Eh - got completely wiped out Thursday. Hubby and I checked around the coop and with the tracks came up with a weasel. I was set and determined it was a wily, ninja raccoon but it's proof positive now. Have you seen the picture of these cute buggers?? You would never suspect they're serial...
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