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  1. xXDestinyXx

    Welsummer Roo x White Marans (plus other crosses)...I have questions 😁

    I know everyone here is a wealth of information and I’d like some input from those who understand the genetics of chickens. ☺️ I’ve tried the various calculators and umm, I haven’t a clue how to use them. 🙈 We just successfully hatched our first batch of chicks starting yesterday (a few...
  2. xXDestinyXx

    How long do new layers lay soft shelled eggs and it still be considered “normal”?

    Hello, all! Our girls FINALLY started laying in the last 2 weeks or so 🥳 and one of our BR laid one shellless egg (that was a weird find to see the chickens eating 😳) and has so far laid 3-4 more but they’ve all been soft shelled. We have another new lawithin the last few days laying small soft...
  3. xXDestinyXx

    Freeloading slackers I tell ya! WHEN will they lay??

    Our big girls will be 20 weeks tomorrow. They’ve had bright red, full combs and wattles for weeks now. Two have been doing full squatting for at least 2-3 weeks, and the others are following suit within the last 1-2 weeks. Like, you can literally walk up to them, put your hands near them, and...
  4. xXDestinyXx

    Horizontal Nipple Waterer...opinions please! ☺️

    We’re trying to decide whether we want to get horizontal nipple waterers to use in a watering system and wanted opinions from those who have or still use them! Thanks in advance! ☺️
  5. xXDestinyXx

    Ameraucanas 10 weeks...Pullets? True Ameraucanas or EE?

    Hey everyone! Ok so we are well into our chicken-keeping journey lol and these two girls 🤞🏻are some of our faves!! We purchased them in Feb. from Orschlens and they were approx 1 week old when we got them. They were labeled as Ameraucana (spelled correctly fwiw) and I understand that most feed...
  6. xXDestinyXx

    Breed Identification help please! ☺️ (Some I’m stumped on lol)

    Hi y’all! I’m new around here and have searched and searched and can’t for the life of me figure out what three of these new baby chicks are that we just picked up two days ago! They’re suuuper sweet little things but I can’t place what they are nor find any pics that closely resemble them! We...
  7. xXDestinyXx

    New Chicken Keeper here!

    Hello! My husband and I along with our six beautiful kiddos have FINALLY, after looooooong years waiting, entered into keeping backyard chickens!!!!! Y’all I’m SO excited! I do have questions and in my research and studying for the last six months, numerous times have I come across this...
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