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  1. Highcotton

    Overrun by Roosters

    I am overrun by roosters. I have : 1 Australwhite rooster 18 weeks old (Australorp, White Leghorn cross) no pic. 4 Silver Laced Wyandotte roosters 21 weeks old See pic of one. 1 Australorp rooster 1 year old 1 Cornish Cross rooster 1 year old. Byron, GA West of I-75 20 miles South of Macon, GA
  2. Highcotton

    Hello from Middle Georgia

    I'm from Middle Georgia. I have 11 chickens and 3 ducks about 6 weeks old. I have just built a coop and run and I am looking forward to warmer dryer weather so I can turn them out into the run. This is my first chicks in 50 or so years but I raised chickens growing up. I have spent my adult life...
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