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  1. SilkiesnFrizzle

    What predator will do this? (Graphic picture.)

    I'm betting on a raccoon. They are very wasteful predators, they rip off the head and eat the crop contents. I've dealt with them in the past. Make sure they are put up securely because the raccoon will come back for more.
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    I would tube feed the one bird. There are some excellent posts about tube feeding on here.
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    Possible Fowl Pox?

    I would just to be safe but don't be surprised if it starts popping up in the other birds. It's highly contagious.
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    Could this be Cocci?

    Looks like normal poop.
  5. SilkiesnFrizzle

    Hen acting weird

    Nutrena Feather Fixer
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    how do i introduce my chickens to the outside?

    ACV are good probiotics but doesn't provide protection from coccidiosis, which is problematic with chicks, which the feed has. Your feed choice is fine :) just if you ever see them lethargic or puffed up that might be the problem.
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    Ended Official BYC Contest - Post your best (worst) chicken molt pics!

    Just out of curiosity, when does this contest end?
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    how do i introduce my chickens to the outside?

    Make sure the coop is done and 100% predator proof first. If you want them to aclimate to the outside, do it during the day when it's warmer. 30's is too cold for chicks. Be careful chicks and ducklings fall prey to hawks so if you take them outside without the coop, don't take your eyes off...
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    One pullet dead and one weak. Recently adopted Ayam Cemani.

    The first thing you need to do is put her back on the medicated chick feed right away, the older birds feed does have too much calcium which can cause death and 8 week old birds can have problems with the pellets, the pellets can be hard for them to swallow... At 3 months I would start regular...
  10. SilkiesnFrizzle

    One pullet dead and one weak. Recently adopted Ayam Cemani.

    Don't put her with any of your other birds until she is well. Quarantine her. Don't move her around alot. Inside is fine.... Quiet, darker area but you might want some kind of heat as well.... Warming pad, heat lamp, small heater, etc. Don't bug her if you don't have to... It will stress her...
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    One pullet dead and one weak. Recently adopted Ayam Cemani.

    What feed did you change them to? They need to be on medicated chick feed... Young birds are prone to getting coccidiosis and thats what that feed is for. Are they on the ground? (Rather than in like a hutch) Is it hot or humid there? Check the other ones poop and look for blood. Here is a great...
  12. SilkiesnFrizzle

    Chick with watery poo

    Here is a great chicken poop chart link. Although Corrid is good to have on hand for coccidiosis, that doesn't look like cocci. It looks like a healthy poop, just looks like she is drinking a lot of water.
  13. SilkiesnFrizzle

    Repelling or managing mites in chicken coop I like DoTerra oils and this link will give you recipes on what kind of oils will repel bugs and how to make your own spray for the animals themselves. Side Note... I do like Doterra but they are quite pricey...
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    Broody Hens Injuring Their Own Babies

    I agree....even if the hens are all next to each other sitting on eggs will go after another chick and peck it even if they all hatched at the same time. It also sounds like the right mortality rate for newborn chicks. They are so fragile many people loose a couple even when hatching in a...
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    Worms, cocci, or?? Help!

    I agree with the Corrid.... It does look a litle strange for cocci.... Has she been feeding them treats or berries or something?
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