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  1. lizanne

    My journey to change Chicken Laws in Citrus Heights, Ca ~ and keep my flock

    In the city of Citrus Heights, CA the current city code says that (basically) in the city you can only have chickens (up to 10) if your lot is over 10,000 square feet. Mine is a little short of this, and on Feb 3rd I received a code violation notice. It said that I had until Feb 10th (less...
  2. lizanne

    Mystery - from the assorted bantam bin

    I got these 3 from the feed store's assorted bantam bin. I've tried to figure them out, and have some guesses, but I'm not sure. #1 #2 I was thinking Silkie at first, but only has 4 toes, a straight comb, and the feathering doesn't look Silkie. This one is the smallest...
  3. lizanne

    Not sure on this this one... Thinking Salmon Favorolle?

    This is my "mystery chick". I'm thinking Salmon Favorolle, roo. What do you guys think? He got a pretty nasty wound between his shoulder blades at 1 1/2 weeks old, so the purple is from the blue kote. He seems to be feathering really slow, he'll be 4 weeks old on monday.
  4. lizanne

    Still stumped by these two. Breed guesses?

    I've figured out all the rest, but can't seem to figure out these two. They are 2 1/2 weeks old, and both have similar coloring, but one has dark legs, and one has yellow legs. Any guesses? Chick #1 #1 #1- She is starting to get reddish spotted feathers on her chest #1...
  5. lizanne

    Dark Cornish, Easter Egger, or Mystery Chick. I'm confused

    I got my chick shipment, form Mcmurry about 2 weeks ago, and I'm still having trouble figuring out the breeds. Can anyone tell me what breed this chick is?
  6. lizanne

    Amereucana's, or just EE's

    So, I picked up these little fluff balls at the feed store the other day. At the feed store they said they were "real Amereucana's". Can anyone verify that for me? How can you tell the difference? #1 #2
  7. lizanne

    Hurt Chick (*warning Graphic Pic*) -- Can she recover from this?

    I have a 1 1/2 week old "mystery chick" I put with my broody hen (she already had 3 chicks, and seemed fine with the new one yesterday). When my husband went out to check on them this afternoon the chick had gotten out of the caged run (where the mom and babies were) and was running around the...
  8. lizanne

    How many chicks is too many- for mama Silkie

    I have a broody Silkie fostering some of my layer chicks. I originally gave her 3 chicks, and have now added 2 more (they are a week old at this point). I have 4 more layer chicks that I need to separate from the Meaties (those guys are huge, and I worry about the smaller chicks. Can I put...
  9. lizanne

    My first Cornish X Chicks.

    I recieved my babies in the mail on Tuesday, I bought 22 Cornish X, 1 Australorp, 1 EE, 1 White Leghorn, 1 Dark Cornish, and my mystery chick. I knew the Cornish would grow fast, but Holy Cow!! They are so much bigger than the other ones. At what point should I seperate them from my regular...
  10. lizanne

    Trying to figure out what breed this little chicken is.

    So, I pick up this chicken off of Craigslist yesterday - she was free, and the lady said she was her kid's "pet" and they weren't taking care of her anymore. This is the new one. The new one One of my D'Uccles She is tiny, and looks a little like my D' Uccles, but there are several...
  11. lizanne

    Finally got my first egg!! Super green and pretty!!

    Just wanted to show off. Finally got my first egg today, from one of my Olive Egger girls (24 weeks old). One down, 9 more to go!!! The one on the right is a large store bought egg!!
  12. lizanne

    Silkies Hen or Rooster?

    I have two silkies that I was told were hens.... The first one I'm pretty sure is a hen. Poof : 16 weeks Poof The other (JC) Is starting to act a little like a rooster. More chest bumping and fighting, but her comb doesn't seem to be getting any bigger, and I don't know what else to...
  13. lizanne

    Trying to ID breed on a couple of these.....

    I'm trying to figure out breeds on a couple of my pullets. I bought Shadow, Coco, and Cinamon from a lady that said they were Olive Eggers. I've heard that is a general term for an Aracuna mixed with anything that lays a brown egg. This is Shadow, and she is about 18 Weeks old...
  14. lizanne

    Wondering what this little pretty is....

    I got five new pullets a couple weeks ago (I had to give away five of the ones I had because they turned out to be roosters). I bought 2 silkies, 2 D'uccles, and this little one. I don't know what she is, but she is the youngest, and she is already much bigger then the others. Does...
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