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  1. lvchicken

    What happened to my eggs?? :(

    I have about 25 hens and they are only laying about 2-3 eggs a day. They are 18 months old, and were laying about a dozen a day, but their egg production suddenly dropped in early November. They are perfectly healthy, no lice or mites, they have clean water, clean coop, feed, grit, oyster...
  2. lvchicken

    What ONLY takes the head???

    Ok, for the second time in one month have I gone outside to do my chicken chores and to my astonishment, find a headless chicken. What only takes the head for breakfast??
  3. lvchicken

    Get to 2,000 posts before 12/31/11!!

    Ok, I am not copying the pages one, I just thought it would be fun to do this too! Try to have 2,000 post on this thread before the New Years! Talk about anything, but follow all byc rules and have fun!!!
  4. lvchicken

    The "long" jokes thread

    Post your weird and fun "long" jokes here! I'll start: Jimmy's math teacher said: "If you have one dollar, and your father gives you another dollar, how many would you have?" "One," said Jimmy. "You don't know your math." "You don't know my father." Now I want to hear YOUR "long" jokes! I'm...
  5. lvchicken

    Would you rather......

    And yet another game!!! This is how you play, it's rather simple: Lv: Would you rather 1. go skiing in shorts or 2. go shopping in pajamas Crestedgirl: 2 Would you rather 1. play with squirrels or 2. buy a goldfish PolishSilkies45: 1 Would you rather 1. eat fried zucchini or 2. dress like...
  6. lvchicken

    The official boy advice thread

    This is for all the peeps on the COY (including me ). Um...ok! This is the official boy advice thread!! Um, let the advice begin!
  7. lvchicken

    Oh my oh my oh my......

    Ok, my cat who is supposed to be on 24/7 mouse patrol, decided to take the day off..... Hi, my name is Tigger, world's laziest cat. Well, today, I decided to make friends with this nice mouse I met by my food bowl today. I followed him around a little bit, but decided it was time for games, so...
  8. lvchicken

    Rock thread!!

    This is the thread to enjoy all of the beautiful Rocks......... Here are a few of my Barred Rocks
  9. lvchicken

    So, what do you do for your "chicken chores"? :D

    Hi all!!! I am just curious what other peeps do for their "chicken chores"! 1. what you do and what order 2. the fastest you've done them 3. the slowest You just do the approximate number for 2 & 3, it's hard to keep track! Ok, I'll go first: 1. let out, feed and water little flock. let...
  10. lvchicken

    Jesse's Story

    Ok, I just couldn't help myself! Here we go... Please do not copy or paste my story. It is perfectly fine to make your own, but do not use the theme or characters or events of my story. Chapter 1: The Newbie "Oh my! Look at all those people!" thought Jesse, "Wouldn't you take me home?" Jesse...
  11. lvchicken

    Dusting for lice and mites

    What is the best and most natural thing to dust Silkies for lice and mites with the least amount of chemicals? What age should I start?
  12. lvchicken

    Snuggle Problem??

    I just brought home 6 baby show quality Silkie chicks, 1 buff, 3 blue and 2 lavender split black. Well, the buff (Snuggles) loves the cuddle. Today I brought her outside for a little while. She was climbing all over me, then the bottom of my shirt raised a little and she darted in it!! She had...
  13. lvchicken

    Epic Chickens!!!!!

    Post your epic chickens here! Anything they're up to! My dog wasn't happy when Hammy pecked his stomach.
  14. lvchicken

    Chickens Laying in YOUR HAND!!!!! (Contest) ;)

    How many eggs have been laid in your hand?? There's a contest going on here! I'll start us off. I've had 32 eggs laid in my hand. What about you? Feel free to post pictures! They're my favorite. Here is my chicken Stubbs who laid in my hand about 10 minutes ago!!!
  15. lvchicken

    Fake broody???? lol :D

    Is this what you call a *fake* broody?? lol
  16. lvchicken

    How long at the most can cooked eggs stay in the microwave?

    I cooked some eggs, but I accidentally left them in the microwave, so my question is, how long can they stay in the microwave?
  17. lvchicken

    The best brand for automatic chicken waterers.

    What is the best brand for automatic waterers? We bought some from Stromberg's and they leaked severely. Any suggestions on the best brands, and also cost effective?
  18. lvchicken

    Oh Great....just what I need (not) :/

    I have three broody hens that have been broody for weeks! No eggs coming from them..... I need their eggs to sell! Grrrrrrrr. I suspected that my RIR was going to go broody. Their names: RIR Pumpin' Pie, NHR Maggie and last BR Precious or known as fatso . What to do, what to do???? When I kick...
  19. lvchicken

    I need Buff Orpington bantam names!

    I have 3 Buff Orpington Bantams on my hands, but need some names. One rooster and two hens. There's my trio!!!! I'll post pics as soon as possible!!!!
  20. lvchicken

    bleeding chicks, new skin, and really funny reactions!!!

    Two of my chicks were bleeding, so I put this stuff called New Skin on the cuts, let it dry, then put them back with the other chicks. At once the chicks came up and "attempted" to peck the cut, then got New Skin on their beaks and kept trying to rub it off!!! It was SO funny!!!!! Some went up...
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