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  1. SnyderDragdire

    HELP- chick dying

    I have a frizzle chick dying- might be crazy chick disease but I’m not sure what to do
  2. SnyderDragdire

    Lethargic chick- was attacked

    I had a meat bird chick attacked by my dog yesterday- mostly just feathers plucked. But the chick is still being lethargic. I would have let it inside but it screamed to be with the others. It’s crop seems to be full and the only outside injury is a slight cut to the skin around the crop...
  3. SnyderDragdire

    Day old chick with broken leg

    So I have a chick that’s a bit less than a day old. (I hatched her) She was removed from the nest and her right leg is broken in at least one spot- the bone protruding out the back. Chick is resting and I separated her from everyone and have her under a heat lamp. Any suggestions of what to...
  4. SnyderDragdire

    Ducks and chicken attacked

    Something got to my ducks and chickens last night. One of my ducks had her face and neck bit and ripped into and I don’t know what might be the best way to help her. As well as one of my hens had a chunk bitten out of her ‘butt’. The blood on both us cleaned up on both as much as possible. But...
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