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  1. Neeci84

    Sick pet rooster. Please help!

    I'm waiting to see if I can get to a vet this weekend but it's looking grim. Today my rooster started acting a bit lethargic and disinterested. Not completely blah but just not quite himself. Then he crowed. It was the most pitiful sound I've ever heard and he's typically got a super loud manly...
  2. Neeci84

    Need help! Sickness moving through flock!

    So, last week one of my hens was lethargic, not eating, standing in the corner alone, tail and head drooped. She has had some other health issues so I wasn't surprised but I took her to the vet and she was put on antibiotics. Within 2 days she was back to normal. Well then another hen started...
  3. Neeci84

    When should i get involved?

    My girl has been trying to get this egg out for 2 days now. Shes pretty much staying in the nesting box, but when she does come out she acts totally normal. Eats well, isn't walking funny, doesn't seem to feel bad. She feels very swollen and tight where the egg is. I gave her a calcium...
  4. Neeci84

    Egg bound???

    Can a chicken be egg bound with an egg with no shell? My baby unfortunately doesn't produce shells on her eggs. We're looking into getting her an implant to stop her from laying all together. When she lays her egg she usually seems to not feel good before and for a little while after, but then...
  5. Neeci84

    Heavy metals found in hen

    Just had x-rays done and found several pieces of metal in my hens stomach. Looks like a bullet casing, lug nut and maybe something else. Im looking for a vet that will do surgery. Shes only 8 months old and I cant lose her. Any advice on this? My heart is breaking.
  6. Neeci84

    My girls ate some treated grass seed! Is this bad?

    My girls got into some grass seed i had just put down. Only the little seeds that made it outside the fence area so they didn't eat a ton of it, but enough to worry. Its treated with mefenoxam. Will this kill them?
  7. Neeci84

    Young chicken laying soft eggs. Super worried mom here

    I have a hen that is almost 7 months. She has been laying for about a month now and has never seemed normal. She laid some perfect eggs, some with weird shapes and some soft. I just figured its because she's so new at laying. I give her a good layer feed and have a bowl of oyster shell for...
  8. Neeci84

    Is she egg bound???

    My hen started laying around 2 weeks ago. Shes had some nice eggs, but also a lot of soft ones. Im getting her some oyster shell. My concern is she hasn't laid anything in 3 days. She's acting totally normal. Should I be worried??
  9. Neeci84


    My hen has an impacted crop. I have researched this to death. So far I have had her isolated the past two days and only given her plain yogurt and boiled egg to eat. She has grit and water as well. I have tried coconut oil and massage twice, then tried stool softener. Nothing helps. I noticed it...
  10. Neeci84

    How do i get my hens lay in their nesting box?

    My hens are at the age to start laying, but they won't go into the area where the nesting boxes are, never have. I've read online about using the ceramic eggs to encourage them to lay where they're supposed to, but mine don't even go close to the little house part of their coop where the nesting...
  11. Neeci84

    How can i stop this head plucking?!

    I need help guys! I have a beautiful polish rooster with a glorious crest. But I think he's a sadist! He struts around bullying everybody like he's the big man, but then just offers up his head for plucking like he likes it! 🤦🏼‍♀️ I tried the purple goo but they seemed to not mind it after a...
  12. Neeci84

    Should i worry about hawks?

    My babies have a great coop now with a large outdoor area to play. My biggest fear tho is a hawk getting them. They are 2 months old. How worried should I be and how can I prevent hawks from coming around?
  13. Neeci84

    Pullet or cockerel?

    My little white crested polish thinks she's the boss of everybody. Now that she's getting older Im wondering if she's a he??? Thoughts? Oh sorry for the bad picture quality 😑
  14. Neeci84

    7 week old crevecoeur with crooked beak

    My little crevecoeur pullet has a crooked beak that doesn't completely close. Sometimes when she's sitting on me I hear her wheezing. She seems totally healthy but I'm worried this might affect her life. Should I be worried?
  15. Neeci84

    Can hens have spurs?

    My babies are around 7 weeks old and I noticed one had a little bump on the back of its leg. Now this one I'm pretty positive is a hen, so I checked the legs of some of the others and they have it too, but I know some of them are hens because they were sexed when I got them. What is this bump...
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