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  1. RuthBaderGinsbird

    Silkie Coop- ramp and other considerations?

    I'm building a coop for my first flock, which includes a Polish, a cochin, an Easter egger, and a silkie. It's been obvious from the start that Joni Mitshell, our little 4.5 week old silkie, doesn't pick up on things quite at fast as the others, but she does mostly keep up eventually. She jumps...
  2. RuthBaderGinsbird

    New to Chickens and BYC

    Hi, I've been lurking for months as I've been planning for my first flock. I'm hoping to find opinions on coop/run bedding options for the pretty mild Bay Area climate, and seek advice for getting chickens used to being picked up (my chicks are very friendly but hate being grabbed) I...
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