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  1. blackswamp

    Need Help: Meat birds getting too heavy for fair

    My daughter is taking meat birds to the fair and they are getting too heavy, too quickly. Some of her flock are already too heavy. We have tried restricting their food to 6 hours a day. They are on a show bird feed of 22% protein. Any suggestions? More food restriction? Less protein food?
  2. blackswamp

    I got a Hen getting bullied

    I got a hen that her primary wing feathers are getting pulled out and causing lots of bleeding by bully hens. Is there a shield or cover that you would recommend to allow for healing and yet still allows her to open her wings? Thanks.
  3. blackswamp

    Using a supplement feed for molting chickens

    Last year my local co-op recommend Home Grown game bird & poultry supplement for my chickens when they were molting. What I did was mixed some in with there food & would put a small bowl of it in there run. It seem to help them with there molt but I just looked at the feed label & it is 36%...
  4. blackswamp

    Coop for broilers

    Do I need a coop for Broilers? We are getting some broilers for this year for 4H. I got a 8x8 dog kennel & I'm going to put a roof like on it to protect them from predators & the weather. Do I need to build a box like coop inside the kennel for them at night? We are not getting them until the...
  5. blackswamp

    Coop/Run for Broilers

    We are getting about 10-12 Broilers for this year 4H project. I need an idea for some type of coop/run that I can tear down for storage. This will be a one time a year project. Thanks! Jeff
  6. blackswamp

    Birdbath de-Icer

    I picked up a new Birdbath De-icer at a garage sale for $1.50. I want to try & keep there water outside this winter. I thought about cutting out a hole on the top of a galvanized waterier & putting the DE-icer in there. My question is has anybody used a birdbath De-icer before to keep there...
  7. blackswamp

    13 weeks old

    My 4 chicks are 13 weeks old today & when will it be safe for them to go into coop/run with my one year old hens? I let them free range together but the little ones stay as far away as possible from the older hens. If they do get close to the older hens they do chase after them. I have 5 older...
  8. blackswamp

    Seven spray?

    I had to spray half my Pine trees with Seven for Spittlebugs & Bag worm. So I blocked off this area so my chickens stay away from those pine trees. My Question is how long do you think I need to keep them away from these pine trees with the Seven sprayed on? Then I need to spray the other half...
  9. blackswamp

    Meal Worm waste

    I have read on here before that some people have put meal worm waste around there dying plants & they did really good. Has anybody ever put it around there vegetable plants? I got a garden started at a local nursing home & when I transplanted my tomato plants they now look like crap. The soil is...
  10. blackswamp

    Spring cleaning my coop next week?

    What is a safe & good cleaning solution I can use to clean the poop off the walls inside of my coop? Thanks Jeff
  11. blackswamp

    Portable chicken coop/run tractor?

    Is there such a thing is what I'm asking first? I want something that will house 4-6 chickens (10-16 weeks of age) that is predator safe & portable. When I'm not using it I want to be able to break it down some for storage. So does anybody have plans or pictures or even build one? I also would...
  12. blackswamp

    Need help lawn company sprayed my back yard.

    I got Tru-Green to do my front lawn instead they started to do my backyard. Luckily they only did half of my back yard before I caught them & then basically threw them off my property for being stupid. My chickens were going to start free ranging back there tomorrow but since they sprayed a...
  13. blackswamp

    egg yoke in nesting box?

    I got 5 hens all about 11 months old. Today & about 2 weeks ago I found where a hen laid just yoke in the nesting box. All the hens are acting normal & seem ok. Do I have a sick hen? Thanks! Jeff
  14. blackswamp

    I'm looking for a quiet brown egg laying hens

    We have 5 chickens now & I would like to get 3 more this spring. Right now I got two BR, two RR & one Golden Buff. My BR are real noisy they make this whining sound or like a squawk sound. Sometimes it just goes on & on & now they got the RR to be noisy to. My golden buff is quiet but she did...
  15. blackswamp

    Sick chicken dilemma continues

    We are now finishing nearly two weeks of having a sick golden buff. She does not move at all, eats little, therefore poops little. Initially thought she was bound, but she would not have lived this long had she been bound. She sounded congested when she made noises. We initially put...
  16. blackswamp

    Cookie tin heater

    I got a question for people that use one of these heaters. I have just a regular 40 watt bulb in there & is this enough to keep water from freezing? I put a 60 in there & it was to hot. I do use a plastic water container. Thanks Jeff
  17. blackswamp

    Our golden buff is still not well.

    It has been a week now that our 7 month old golden buff has been lethargic, not moving around, not eating much. She sounded congested last Thursday, so we started her on Duramycin in water. She has been on this in her water for 5 days now. She is isolated from the other hens now, we are...
  18. blackswamp


    I picked some up for one of my chickens as recommend from BYC. How do some of you mix this stuff up? Thanks Jeff
  19. blackswamp

    Our chicken sounds congested

    Our chicken has not been normal for the past several days: moves slowly, doesn't peck around as usual. She has been sitting on her roost most of the day, does not want to get out of the coop. She is making very little poop, and we do not believe she has laid an egg for the past two days...
  20. blackswamp

    I think I got a sick chicken

    I got a Golden Buff that is 7 months old. Lately she hasn't been herself. I noticed one day when I went to let them free range from the run she was just standing still & barely moving. She did come out finally started to move with the rest of the flock but wasn't really scratching around like...
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