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  1. Oghdoff

    Swimming Turkey

  2. Oghdoff


    I've had my ducks on Purina Flock Raiser since the arrived. They are now 7 weeks old and no problems as of yet. To tell the truth they are twice if not 3 times the size of my Barred Rocks who are now 8 weeks old.
  3. Oghdoff

    Lucky 13

    It's day 18 of my first try at incubating. I went the dry hatch approach with a LG with egg turner. I've candled twice and had to cull 9 all together. Just took them out of the turner and set in place now. I must say this has been a very interesting time. Had a few misques and almost cooked them...
  4. Oghdoff

    Dry incubating duck eggs - Final count: three ducklings *PICS*

    I think getting 3 after what you and they went through is great!
  5. Oghdoff

    Metzer Farms

    I've ordered from them. Birds arrived in good health and have grown wonderfully. Great customer service as well.
  6. Oghdoff

    online ordering

    Ditto what iamcuriositycat said. I ordered from Metzer and all of mine are fine. Though ordering atm with the heat and everything I would go with Ideal just because they are closer.
  7. Oghdoff

    A Black Snake ATE my Lola!!!!

    I feel your pain. I lost 2 ducklings last nite to a snake.
  8. Oghdoff

    This week IS the week I get my Holderread order!

    there is always next spring.
  9. Oghdoff

    This week IS the week I get my Holderread order!

    I sure hope so. I know you have been waiting a while. At least three weeks because my lil fuzzy butts turned 3 weeks yesterday.
  10. Oghdoff

    Is it Illegal to Sell Chicken Eggs?

    I read somewhere about you needing to have an NPIP cert to sell eggs or live chickens in the state of TX. From everything I have gathered it is free. They come out to your place and test a certain percentage or amount of your flock, depending on how many you have. I think there was a something...
  11. Oghdoff

    How to stop them from doing this?

    If they do not have any pests on them us Vick's Vapor Rub. Just smear it on the area of the one getting pecked. You might have to re apply for a few days or so.
  12. Oghdoff

    Are there 'signs' that they are about to lay?

    My girls pace around like they are trying to get to something that they just can't get. But that could just be my birds. They have yet to lay in the nesting boxes. They prefer the corner of the coop.
  13. Oghdoff

    Do hens know where to lay?

    Maybe it's because mine are still young, but they will not lay in them. They have formed nests in them with the fake egs, but still rather make a next in the corner under the roost.
  14. Oghdoff

    Metzer Farms order arrived yesterday!! *PICTURES*

    Lol. That is an adorable bunch! My lil quackers from Metzer's are growing like weeds.
  15. Oghdoff

    "Pecking Order" Big hen and little hens

    When I have one hen that is overly aggressive and starts pulling feathers out of the others I move her to a seperate pen for a few days. When she is reintroduced there is a lil squabling, but that is normal in chickens "pecking order" janinepeters talked about. Although if all of them are...
  16. Oghdoff

    MY FIRST EGG!!!! question?

    One of my hens just started laying. The first egg was small and covered with white spots. The second was a little rounder but perfect color. She skipped and day and her third was the same color just a lil bigger than the second. Waiting to see if she gives me another day!
  17. Oghdoff

    Need Help Naming my "Farm"

  18. Oghdoff

    Egg thickness?

    I have turkeys and ducks as well and when I am working and cannot get home in time to feed them my mother does. With all the different breeds and ages it's easier for my mother to just use one type of food. I just don't want her to have to come over and get confused with which bag to which critter.
  19. Oghdoff

    Egg thickness?

    Thanks! I grew up on yard eggs, but wasn't involved in the cooking of them. This being the first time I was just wondering.
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