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  1. Tat2d

    Cackle hatchery's Hatchery Surprise- Anybody got this before?

    I will make sure to post whatever they send me tomorrow, I should be able to guess a good number of them and the rest I will be posting pictures to see if anyone can help id them. The reason I wanted some Jungle Fowl and Aseels are they are the kinds of birds that are closest to what I grew...
  2. Tat2d

    What is the best form of poultry raising for profit?

    That would be an awesome breed.
  3. Tat2d

    Cackle hatchery's Hatchery Surprise- Anybody got this before?

    I just received the shipping notice that my Hatchery Surprise is on its way. Hopefully I get it here in the morning but it will most likely be on Friday morning. This will be my third (maybe fourth) hatchery surprise in the last few years but my first one since I moved to Texas after getting...
  4. Tat2d

    Where to buy cheap chicken wire

    I just ordered a 48" x 50' roll of chicken wire from Amazon Prime for 20.99 with free two day shipping. They also have 36" x 50' for 14.99.
  5. Tat2d

    Setting eggs anyone want to join?

    The chick is still doing great, no other eggs have pipped or anything so I am guessing that those two may have been collected from a broody that was already sitting on them. The incubator is a Sportstman and it keeps the temp rock solid at 99.5. I'll post with any other changes and I will...
  6. Tat2d

    Setting eggs anyone want to join?

    I am not sure what happened but I set my eggs on the 26th and I came home to two chicks in my incubator. One somehow made its way down to the bottom of the sportsman, the other sadly got squished when the auto turner rotated. The one that made his way down to the bottom seems like it is doing...
  7. Tat2d

    Surprise, Surprise! 49 Chicks and 3 Ducks Arrived Friday!

    I predict you will get a nice mix of straight run chickens, two ducks and two geese. It is a bit early for turkeys still. I got two of the hatchery surprises last year and they were great.
  8. Tat2d

    Setting eggs anyone want to join?

    I will join, I just set 74 eggs in a Sportsman 1202 incubator. First time hatching so wish me luck.
  9. Tat2d

    Dirty Shipped Eggs What Should I do?

    brush them off with paper towel and throw them in the bator
  10. Tat2d

    Free Anti Virus Download Software suggestion

    avg antivirus, I have used it for years and have had no problems
  11. Tat2d

    One very LARGE chicken.

    Quote: You're just jealous! Jealous that he picks up more men than me?..... Nope, not jealous. lol and I want some brownies now
  12. Tat2d

    Show off your Tattoo's and piercings!!

    Just wanted to start a thread where people can show off any tattoo's and piercings that yall have. So if you have any bodyart, post it up for the world to see. Heres a few of mine, I have a lot more but I need to snap some pics of them.
  13. Tat2d

    One very LARGE chicken.

    Quote: 18lbs wouldn't even be noticeable to carry. I routinely wear over 100 pounds of gear while carrying a 31lb weapon (m82 50 cal) on 20+km ruck marches. I am pretty sure I could easily carry a 18lb chicken for a picture, and I am probably about the guy in the pictures size (5'10, 185lbs).
  14. Tat2d

    piercings and tattoos for them or against them?

    Lets see, in my unit of around 200 Soldiers almost everyone has at least one tattoo. The majority have quite a bit more, I have 14 and they are rather large. All my tattoo's have a meaning to me, they range from my unit crest to a list of 33 names of personal friends that have died fighting...
  15. Tat2d

    piercings and tattoos for them or against them?

    Quote: It says in the Bible not to tatoo or cut your flesh. It also says to do a lot of things that are worse than getting some ink.
  16. Tat2d

    Good Bye BYC =(

    You'll do great, just keep your head up and try your hardest. I look forward to seeing your post once you get back as a Marine. Semper Fi
  17. Tat2d


    Just wanted to say quick goodbye before you leave to Parris Island in the morning. I wish you all the luck in the world in your new endeavor and I know you will do well once you become a Marine. You are a wonderful young lady and I look forward to seeing you join the ranks of the world's...
  18. Tat2d

    What breed?

    You need 10 posts to be able to post pictures, so post away.
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