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  1. Peckyweck01

    Won't fluff?

    How long does it usually take for a chick to "fluff up?" I had 6 large Cochins hatch and 1 of them fluffed completely overnight. It had hatched in the evening, then about 9 in the morning it was all fluffed. 3 other chicks hatched in the evening and night as well. They have been in the...
  2. Peckyweck01

    Why do my hatchlings smell so bad?!

    So I just had 4 chicks hatch around the same few hours, and they stink really bad like ammonia! I have hatched chicks before, usually as many as 15, but they never stunk. Why do these chicks stink so bad? I set up my larger incubator and put them in it once it warmed up, then I cleaned my 7 egg...
  3. Peckyweck01

    Lavender Orpington gender?

    This is my first time having orps, and am guessing they are pullets because I got them from a feed store but you can’t always believe them. They are 13 weeks, in my previous post I got the wrong age. They are younger than I thought. If I need to post again in a few weeks I will since I was told...
  4. Peckyweck01


    I am selling 4 chickens but I want to make sure they are pullets. I have an EE, Barnevelder, red blue Wyandotte, and a speckled Sussex, the speckled Sussex has a larger comb and waddles than the other Sussex's so I am definitely curious about him/her. They are all 14 1/2 weeks, almost 15.
  5. Peckyweck01

    9 week old easter egger

    This is one of my 9 week old easter eggers i got from a feed store, can anyone tell me if it is a pullet or not? I am hoping it is because i like this one's coloring! The other easter eggers are lighter. Most of the time when i see this one, its tail is more down like the 1st picture.
  6. Peckyweck01

    Are these two boys?

    I posted these same 2 chickens a few weeks ago, they are now 9 weeks old and wondering if they are both little roos, because they have a little bigger waddles than everyone else in their group.
  7. Peckyweck01

    Pullet or Roo?

    This is one of my 9 week old blue red wyandotte. I got it from a feed store along with 2 others the same and others different breeds. Anyway, i was wondering what gender this chick might be? I am hoping for mostly hens in the group i got, i will be posting other chicks also sometime.
  8. Peckyweck01

    Lavender Orpingtons

    I posted a few days ago about my lavender Orp chicks, and I was wondering when Orpingtons usually develop combs/waddles, both pullet and cockerel? Not only Lavender Orps, but what age does the overall chicken develop combs/waddles? My chicks are all about 4 weeks old, few days more or less, and...
  9. Peckyweck01

    2 Lavender orps Curious about gender...

    I bought 2 lavender Orpingtons from the feed store from the chicks they said were pullets. They are mostly to fully feathered, 4 weeks old may be a few days older or younger. Chick #2 is bigger than chick #1. Im not sure if it is possibly older or is bigger because it is a cockerel. They are...
  10. Peckyweck01

    What gender are these chicks?

    they may be too young to tell yet, but I just bought 3 lavender Orpington chicks, Im not sure exactly how old they are, but some still have their egg tooth so i would say between 2 and 5 days old? Anyway, they are all supposed to be pullets but I know that sometimes there are cockerels in the...
  11. Peckyweck01

    3 or 4 yr old roo not sure what mix

    So I got this rooster when he was almost a year old, now he is 3 or 4. I’m not sure what mix he would be, I got him from a lady who had a bunch of chickens and they were free range and pretty much almost wild. I’m not sure what breed the mother or father is. They could be a mix as well. My...
  12. Peckyweck01

    my chicken just barely made it out alive from a possum attack, what do i do?

    So right now where im at it is 10:22 PM and i heard cackling outside. I went with my dad with the .17 and shot the possumm so hes not a problem anymore. Anyway, the hen that was with him got shredded and he made it out barely alive. All of his tail feathers are gone, but the only thing wounded...
  13. Peckyweck01

    6-7 month old frizzle

    I’m assuming it is a hen because it lays in the nest box every other day or so. It’s best friend is a silkie hen, no aggression, doesn’t crow. She sometimes puffs her neck feathers and fights a little if another chicken picked a fight with her. She also comes to the rooster when he does his tid...
  14. Peckyweck01

    Young Rooster tail?

    This is my 5 month old mixed breed x andalusian chicken cross. His name is Kernal! I was wondering though, he had a nice rooster tail feather but it got plucked out by another chicken, now he has no tail, will it ever grow out so he looks like he has a tail?
  15. Peckyweck01

    My Hen has an oddly light orange colored comb!!

    So I am over on the west coast of Oregon. Its the beginning of fall and doesnt get that cold, 50s to high 60s in the day and low 50s and 40s at night. Does this have to do with the discoloring of her comb? Her comb is usually a pretty solid red and now its a light orangy pink.. I just noticed...
  16. Peckyweck01

    My Silkie and Her eggs...But when?

    I have a black silkie bantam pullet and she is 5 months old. When do they start to lay? She hasnt shown any signs or even began to think of the idea of squatting. She RARELY comes over to the rooster trying to call when he found food. I have her in with 1 silkie bantam roo, 2 Andalusian laying...
  17. Peckyweck01

    When do roos get certain types of feathers?

    I have a 6 week old and I posted 3 weeks ago to see if it was a roo at age 3 weeks. So, if he is for sure, a lot of people said it was, when do they start to develop pointy hackle feathers and saddle feathers. He has regular feathers, hes not like a silkie or anything. He is an Andalusian mixed...
  18. Peckyweck01

    When to start feeding adult food?

    I have 3-5 week old butler bobwhite quails. This is my first batch I have ever hatched and pretty much dont know anything about them. I have the proper chick feed and stuff but when do I start feeding them adult food. Also, I am releasing them into the wild at some point. (once they are old...
  19. Peckyweck01

    Is my roo actually a hen!? He squats!!

    So I have this 5 and 2 week month old silkie bantam. Pretty sure it is a roo but when I pick him up, then set him back down, as soon as I let go of him he squats. So Im confused on why hes doing this. His sister doesnt have NEARLY as big of waddles or comb. Also, the pullet doesnt squat at all...
  20. Peckyweck01

    Roo colors

    What Bernevelder color is most common? I am looking for barnevelder roo colors because i am thinking about getting one in the future.
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