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  1. catsew


    Sorry this isn't the best picture, but they all look basically the same. Do you know what they are? And any chance one of them is an EE?
  2. catsew

    When do roosters get mean?

    At what age do roosters start getting mean? Will they all get mean or does it just depend on the individual? We have 2 roosters that are 6 months old. For the longest time it was just the 2 of them and they are friendly enough. When we added the hens everyone said they would get mean. Now the...
  3. catsew

    Does egg color change with what you feed them?

    I'm fairly certain I know the answer, but I thought I would check anyway. We have what I thought/believe are RIR or generic production reds. Anyway, one is laying green eggs. Somebody said the eggs can change colors based on what you feed them.
  4. catsew

    Time to combine

    Well its almost time to combine the chickens and get rid of the rooster. Is it better to put them together in the middle of the night. Or let them all out in the yard together during the day (like you do with dogs)? Or should I do one at a time in a separate cage inside the big coop? If I do the...
  5. catsew

    Boy or girl?

    Boy???? Girl????
  6. catsew

    Rooster with bad leg? Foot?

    Would somebody mind watching these real quick videos? I posted a couple weeks ago about my rooster who appeared to have an injured foot. He is still limping as you can see. You can see how he holds his foot up as well. I have picked him and several times and looked at his foot and don't see...
  7. catsew

    Found the problem with a single

    Well we are encountering our first problems with our single baby. Its starting to get cold at night and he's all by himself. We have in the garage so its not as cold as outside and at 8 weeks he should have most of his feathers. We're still awhile away from merging him into the coop with the...
  8. catsew

    Couple questions - food and other

    Ok, so I have 2 roosters and a younger female. Obviously I can't keep them all together and am not building another coop and don't really have a way to keep them all. So one of the roosters is going to be dinner (unless I can find a good home, but if someone else is going to eat it, it may as...
  9. catsew

    Coop is done and vinyl sided

    Well we have finally finished the coop. I am saying finished even though we have a few tiny things to do like some flashing and a tad of paint, and a piece of hardware cloth on the bottom. But we're done. The run is up and so far the roosters are loving it. You can see the whole build on my...
  10. catsew

    Hurt Rooster?

    My rooster seems to have injured his foot (leg?). This morning when I opened their door I noticed he was on the roost, first time that I've ever seen (he's 11 weeks). Anyway, I noticed he was kinda limping as he was walking down the ramp but thought maybe he was just being silly. But he's still...
  11. catsew

    Can you tell yet?

    Here is pictures of my turken baby. He is 5 weeks old yesterday. Can you tell what it is yet? It has developed completely different than my other 2, but its different entirely so I'm not sure how much that really counts.
  12. catsew

    How to get them to sleep inside?

    Hi, I have 2 roosters that have recently moved to their coop. They're only 10 weeks old. When they go to bed they like to sleep in the doorway. At first they didn't have any roosts, so I thought maybe that would make the difference, but they still sleep on the floor. And I tried the light inside...
  13. catsew

    Chickens got out now big lump on chest?

    My daughter accidentally let the chickens out and when I put them back I noticed they have huge lumps on their chests. Both of them have it and its never been there before, so I'm thinking full crop? They've never really been out for that long before so I'm guessing they ate tons of stuff. Do I...
  14. catsew

    Holy mean roosters

    I tried to take my baby out today and thought I'd introduce it to its future coop mates. BAD idea. I knew they could pick on anything new, but I didn't know it could happen that fast. I was ready for it, but they still pecked my baby before I stopped them. I feel horrible. I guess it will be...
  15. catsew


    I searched about the squatting and besides getting ready to lay, it seems to be a submission behavior. Will a rooster at 10 weeks old squat? They had gotten out of the fence and we were trying to corral them back in, not really chasing them or anything, but directing them when it happened.
  16. catsew

    Are they smart enough to come in out of the rain?

    Do chickens come in out of the rain? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but yesterday they were hiding under the coop, but they had just recently been let out so I thought maybe they didn't want to go back in yet. We were gone most of the day, so not sure what they did the next time it...
  17. catsew

    Is this right?

    This chick is a purebred Ameraucana splash that was born May 16 and was sent to me as a day-old peep from Paul Smith, an Ameraucana breeder in Texas. I can't tell if it's a pullet or cockerel. If you are interested in this chick, feel free to ask any questions.
  18. catsew

    Still roosters?

    Just wanted to check again to see if everybody still thinks these are roosters. I'm almost 100% sure the brown is.
  19. catsew

    Will they be ok in the coop all day?

    We are going to be out of town most of the day on Thur. Will the chickens be ok if I keep them locked in the coop all day? The high temp is only 76 and they have food and water in there. There's only 2 of them in a 4x8 coop, so they have tons of room. We'll be home before dark though, so not...
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