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  1. empireman

    Ameraucana pullet? 11 weeks

    The are hens! Sometimes hens go at it too!
  2. empireman


    Need a new home for a few young roos about 6 months old. Barred Rock, Black Copper, and a Turken. I'm in Los Angeles. They are free and gentle pets
  3. empireman

    WTB Black Copper Maran Hatching Eggs!

    Hello - I lost 90% lf my flock to predators this week. SO DISTURBING! New had a problem in 10 years! We have updated the fencing and covered the coop. Luck would have it that one of my 2 remaining hens went broody the next day - Maybe Mother Nature is trying to help keep the flock going...
  4. empireman

    Comment by 'empireman' in article 'Using Sand In Your Chicken Coop'

    Can you use the sand they sell at Home Depot for cement construction?
  5. empireman

    Baby chick HELP!

    So I have a Black Copper Maran the I put 5 chicks under 2 weeks ago. I lost 2 so now she has 3 - 2 week old polish. I just hatched 6 Sumatras last night. Do you think if I slipped the newly hatched chicks under her at night - she would accept them? I ask as last year I had one clutch of...
  6. empireman

    Little Peddler Maran hatched 5.31.17 Norco, CA

    Hi Jackie - I'm still waiting to hear from you as I would love to get your maran pullets asap! We are ready to welcome them! Thanks Pj
  7. empireman

    [email protected]@King for French Marans - Fertile eggs, chicks or hens!

    Thank you very much for this information! I appreciate you taking the time! Best Pj
  8. empireman

    Little Peddler Maran hatched 5.31.17 Norco, CA

    Hey Jackie - Please email direct for my number or send me your number and I'll call you. [email protected] thanks much Pj
  9. empireman

    Little Peddler Maran hatched 5.31.17 Norco, CA

    awesome - how many do you have, age, and price? Thanks Pj
  10. empireman

    [email protected]@King for French Marans - Fertile eggs, chicks or hens!

    Hello Everyone. I am looking to replentish my coop with some new hens as mine are getting very old. I would like a dozen or so French Marans. I would prefer pullets, but I'll take chicks or even hatching eggs, Anyone local or with the ability to ship to LA 90068? Any help or advice would be...
  11. empireman

    Little Peddler Maran hatched 5.31.17 Norco, CA

    I would love to have them. I'm in the Hollywood Hills. Let me know. thanks Pj
  12. empireman

    Will Momma Hens adopte more chicks?

    I have a Sultan who hatched 4 out of 11 eggs a week or so ago. Two days ago - I put a dozen Aracauna chicks under a Black Copper Maran who sat on fake eggs for 21 days. They are in separate coops, but today I saw that one of the chicks that "was" under the Maran is now with the Sultan mom and...
  13. empireman

    Still air V. Circulated air incubators?

    I have BOTH - still and fan forced. I used the fan forced to incubate the eggs with the egg turner. 3 days before the hatch - I transfer them to the still air and raise the humidity with just the wire rack. I found that the still air didn't dry the chicks as fast as the fan unit. I'm going...
  14. empireman

    Opening outside Brooder? Can I?

    Hello - I have a commercial brooder that has chicks ranging from 3 weeks old to 6 weeks old. It is under a "loft coop" in my chicken yard. It is in the high 70's to low 80's in Los Angeles and these chicks seem so ansy to get out. Do you think if I put steps up INTO the brooder - that they...
  15. empireman

    Where do you keep your brooders

    Can brooders with a heater be kept outside with cover? I just purchased a Brower Brooder.
  16. empireman

    Bethel Farms' French Black Copper Marans Chicks for Sale

    Hello - I would like to get on your list for chicks for 2013 please.
  17. empireman

    Coyotes took ALL MY HENS!

    Thank you for this information. There is no way that HUMANS were responsible for this. It was COYOTES for sure. Too many tracks and feathers scattered. I was surprised that there was no blood as well, but way too many footprints.
  18. empireman

    Coyotes took ALL MY HENS!

    Sadly - I didn't fine ONE alive. I live in the mountains of Los Angeles just across the street from a state park. It is against the law to harm the coyotes. They run in packs here, and I see them on the streets even in the daytime. I have a double fence, with the outside being a solar...
  19. empireman

    Coyotes took ALL MY HENS!

    So a few nights ago we had a heavy rainstorm. I have a SOLAR chicken netting fence that I purchased from PREMIER ONE last year that has kept the girls safe all year. I guess the rainstorm shorted out the fence and ALL FORTY of my chickens were taken in ONE NIGHT! I've been in a daze about...
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