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  1. frogs n chickens

    how do I get my ginger bread house roof to stay on????

    Wish I had the powdered sugar and water suggestion yesterday at my boys school when we were putting together the gingerbread houses there.
  2. frogs n chickens

    Help Please . . .

    here is my recipe for Beans and Rice. chop 1 med onion and 3-4 stalks of celery saute in a little oil of your choice,( I use olive oil) add some ground cumin and 1/2 to 1 lb of cajun (or your favorite sausage-I used bratwurst 2 nights ago) 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic...
  3. frogs n chickens

    Tomatillo Pork?

    I Have Made Chili Verde In The Past With Fresh Tomatillos-they Grow In My Garden Every Year- As Well As Eveeywhere Else Their Seeds Dispers To. I Cut One Large Onion Into Chunks And Cut15-20 Tomatillos In Half And Place Fac Down On Foil, I Also Cut 2 Or 3 Jalapenos In Half And A Couple Of Cloves...
  4. frogs n chickens

    Automatic door closer

    I just placed one of the units that woodenart is recommending and absolutely love it. It runs on 4 AA batteries and they claim that with their door a set of batt. will last up to 4 years?? It opens and closes with a light sensor. It can be purchased through Foys pigeon supplies here in the U.S...
  5. frogs n chickens

    What is your chickens' favorite treat?

    Pasta is #1, Scratch, of course. and leftover pb and j from my sons lunches.
  6. frogs n chickens

    Tricks for keeping bedding out of feed/water

    The chicks seem to get bedding in the food and water no matter what you do, but raising it on bricks or blocks so that it is head high is helpful.
  7. frogs n chickens

    Made a treat for my flock today(and LOL)

    My DW loves to feed the ladies spaghetti. Any yogurt infused treats get messy and I usually try to keep my distanc with those.
  8. frogs n chickens

    Cow feed, Sweet Feed.

    A little bit used as a treat should be alright, but I would not give too much. My ladies get about a cup of scratch a day when it gets cold out as well as table scraps year round.
  9. frogs n chickens

    Best organic feed???

    Modesto milling in california sells organic chicken feed for around 20 dollars for a 50# bag. they also sell in other sizes. I would like to be feeding my chickens this feed, but it is double the price of the current non-organic pellets they are getting now, and I...
  10. frogs n chickens

    Installed a automatic chicken door

    My ladies are always back on the roost before last light, so the light sensor works great for me. I suppose if I had a few that stayed out after dark, I would have to add the timer to my setup. Altogether, I have right around $1000 into my coop; but I have already made around $100 selling eggs...
  11. frogs n chickens

    Installed a automatic chicken door

    To Wits Chick- I Ordered The 2101 Indoor Model With Photo Sensor And Due To The Size Of My Pop Door The 2103 9x13 Door Worked For Me. My Dw Agreed To Let Me Buy It As An Anniversary Gift From Her.
  12. frogs n chickens

    Willa rooster mate a pullet if she's not laying yet?

    Yes he will; My roo mates first thing upon leaving the coop and over and over throughout the day. 8 hens and 1 lucky roo.
  13. frogs n chickens

    Installed a automatic chicken door

    I needed an auto door to keep out the racoon family that makes rounds every night. I considered the drapery motor but because I did not have electricity to the coop (about 75 ft away from the nearest) I ended up purchasing the VSBi from foys. Easy install and it works on 4 AA batteries. They...
  14. frogs n chickens

    Experience wirth Automatic door from Foys

    Again... It runs on 4 AA batteries!!! I had considered the drapery motor option, but figured after materials and labor I was better off with the VSBi; also, I have no electricity to my coop. My dw has a bun in the oven and the smell of the chicken coop (and nearly everything else) gives her...
  15. frogs n chickens

    Experience wirth Automatic door from Foys

    Free at last, free at last, free at last!!! I installed one of these today and turned back the potentionmeter on it so it would close a little later as my girls like to hang outside late. there was still a bit of light left in the sky when it closed; so silient I almost missed it. I am looking...
  16. frogs n chickens

    Was I too late w/nest boxes?

    If the hens are laying in the nest boxes now, would it be okay to take out the golf balls now. I still have one laying on the floor in a corner and I am considering putting a laying box there as she has been laying since early july and always lays in that corner.
  17. frogs n chickens

    Do egg bound hens usually die??

    I think I had a hen get eggbound on me yesterday. She had only just started laying and had never really got around to laying a regular hard egg; just soft shelled or no shelled membranes. I feed back their shells and added free choice oyster shell. What else could I have done differently. I...
  18. frogs n chickens

    Is it too late?

    I would say go for it... if you wait til spring, it will be july before you see any eggs. chickens can take the cold so long as they are a breed without huge combs and so long as they are feathered out.
  19. frogs n chickens

    Neigbors dogs VS a roo---LONG post

    Call Modesto Feed on n. mchenry; he might have an idea and he may even have a rooster for sale. He has 17 week old hybrid RR, just about ready to lay for 7.95, and last time I was in he may have had some bantys. My wife was raised in modesto and had chickens; don't know if she had any roos...
  20. frogs n chickens

    Frustrated with my rooster

    my roo seems to stay quiet late at night, but usually starts up again around 4:30 AM. For this reason I place the coop far away from the house.
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