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  1. Boondachs

    Black Orp. Roo over a Blue/Black Rock & Bared Rock

    Any thoughts on what would hatch? Either from the B/B hens eggs or the Bared hens eggs?
  2. Boondachs

    Idiot needs help with BROODY hen---UPADATE Page 3

    I have a hen that seems to have gone broody with the golfballs in the nesting box. Sooooooooo, here are my dumb questions. 1- If I remove the golfballs, will she stop? 2- By me removing her from the nest everytime I can, will this break her broodiness? 3- If I leave her to be broody, will the...
  3. Boondachs

    WTB Muscovy(s) Maryland area

    I am looking for a male and possiably a female muscovy. I would like to do a pick up within 1 1/2 hours of zip 20676 (Southern Maryland). Any age ducks are fine.
  4. Boondachs

    Laying irregularity *** Update Page 2***

    OK so yesterday one of my BRs lays her first egg (mid afternoon time) .... SOOOOOOO this morning I go out and find a open soft shell (not very large) that was pretty freh it seemed. The soft shell was not laid in the nesting box, but looks to have droped while the hen was on roost. So this...
  5. Boondachs

    Homemade Traps

    Anyone out there have success with building their own traps? If so or if you just have an idea in your head, please post it here or post a link. Thanks!
  6. Boondachs

    wishful thinking?

    My two oldest hens have stared "submitting" alot to the roo. Is this a sign that my 19+ week olds are ready to lay?
  7. Boondachs

    Mutt Bantams----- what are we?

    OK sorry for the photos, the flash failed on a few I snaped. These two "girls?" are aprox 15 weeks old and are from unknown origin but may be silkie crosses. I assumed they were ladies when I first saw them, but now I'm not too sure. 1 2 3
  8. Boondachs

    Goates or Sheep?

    I just posted this in BYH also, but decided to post here too.....thanks OK, here it goes. We are looking for 2 goats OR sheep. We plan to keep them as pets. We have no intrest in raising them for meat or milk, but as overgrown weed controll. So my question is, goat or sheep? Easy question...
  9. Boondachs

    Broody Roo?????????

    OK OK...I'm i hear alot of talking from my flock... I go to investigate, and its my oldest (17 1/2 week old) hen, talkinging her but off to my rooster...shes almost crowing at times to him. BUT WAIT! It gets odder, the roo has made himself a "nest" in the corner of the coop and...
  10. Boondachs

    DE in Maryland ??

    Anyone know where to find DE (food grade) in Maryland? Ideally So. Maryland? And please, before you reply with "" sells it, I'm aware, I'm just loking to purchase it over the counter. Thanks in advance
  11. Boondachs

    Wabbits with my chicks?

    Hey all, quick question. Someone local is giving away 2 rabbits. Is there any issues with putting rabbits with my flock (9 hens 1 rooster)? As of now, I do not know the breed, age or sex of these lil guys. Will post info as soon as I know. Thanks!
  12. Boondachs

    Hen eating feathers

    My wife noticed today that one of our BR's just picked up a loose feather and ate it. Any thoughts on this?
  13. Boondachs

    WTB- MARYLAND area

    Helllo, I'm looking to purchase 3-5 chickes /started chickes or even adults in the Maryland area. Im not set on a bread as of yet but would like a large egg layer. Thanks!
  14. Boondachs

    So. Maryland Chicks?

    Howdy all, I'm new to this chicken thing. I am looming to start a SMALL back yard flock of 3-4 egg layers. Is there anyone in the area that currantly has any chicks for sale? Hatching eggs / started pullets are fine too. I think I've bumped my head but this seems like a good family experience...
  15. Boondachs

    Howdy from So. Maryland!

    Hello all. Im new to Chickens in general, so I'm sure i'll have LOTS of Questions. Hope to talk to you all soon.
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