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  1. JKHerdItAll

    Help Pick Our Homestead Logo - Finale!

    Thanks so much to those of you who voted in our last poll and provided your input! We're now in the final round of our logo contest - the designers have submitted updates based on everyone's incredibly helpful feedback. There was a liiiiitle bit of a language barrier with some of them, but they...
  2. JKHerdItAll

    Help Pick our Homestead Logo!

    Help! We started a logo design contest, and there were SO many awesome entries! We narrowed it down to 8 from >150, but now we're stuck haha. This is the first phase, so after we pick our favorite 6 designers, we'll work with them to fine-tune their entries until we end up with one winner. What...
  3. JKHerdItAll

    ISO Ancona Ducklings & Narragansett or Bourbon Red Poults in Wisconsin

    Hi all! I'm hoping to expand my flock in the spring and thought I'd try here instead of the big hatcheries :) I live in Wisconsin near Green Bay and would prefer to pick up babies after the heartache of a bad shipment last year. Looking for: Ancona ducklings - 1 chocolate drake & 5 unrelated...
  4. JKHerdItAll

    Keeping Separate Breeding Groups

    Random dumb question of the day: how do those of you who keep & hatch multiple breeds keep them separate for breeding season and about how long do you do that? We have Pilgrims now and realllllly want Romans and/or Sebastopols. Since all these breeds are so rare, we’re thinking maybe we’ll...
  5. JKHerdItAll

    ISO Female Classic or Tufted Roman Goslings

    I had a Classic Roman and a couple Pilgrims on order through a hatchery but panicked and canceled after a bad bad bad experience with USPS sending chicks a day late, along with multiple late/squished shipments of bugs. I found local Pilgrims and picked up an adorable pair of baby girls, but I...
  6. JKHerdItAll

    Entertainment for Goslings

    Whoops, I posted my ISO in the wrong forum but it won't let me delete, so I'm repurposing to ask a question haha - what does everyone use to entertain bored goslings? They hatched this week and it's too cold to let them outside for too long, and the one won't stop picking at the other's back fuzz.
  7. JKHerdItAll

    ISO Female Chicks in NE Wisconsin

    Hi all! I knew as I was ordering mail-order chicks that it was a bad idea since deliveries have been so messed up lately, but I took a chance because I only wanted 6 guaranteed females of certain breeds. They showed up yesterday, a day late and chilled, and I think only two will make it, if I’m...
  8. JKHerdItAll

    New to Wisconsin & Chickens!

    Hi all! :frow My boyfriend and I escaped Illinois and moved to rural Wisconsin this past December, and we’re hoping to have a flock of chickens, geese, and guineas roaming our 6.5 acres this year! We’re in Mishicot, which is between Green Bay and Manitowoc. I ordered chicks from Meyer Hatchery...
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