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  1. ya chick ya

    Quail for Sale

    I'm selling my last 5 adult A&M's and B 4 I ever get another bird im gonna get the proper facilites because im so so tired of everyday another bird just dissapears
  2. ya chick ya

    Quail for Sale

    Ive only got 5 A&M quail and i wanna get rid of them until i have proper facilities so id sell all of them they are full grown so 20$ price is negotiable
  3. ya chick ya

    Cochin Bantam Babies For Sale Super Cheap!!!

    I want to sell all of my birds after today im not going to get another bird again unless i have a proper place to put em' so i just wanna sell em all they are about 1 month old id sell all 7..6 now and 5 barred rocks for 20$ price is negotiable
  4. ya chick ya

    What is the overall favorite quail to own??

    I'm looking in to getting some more quail and im just wondering what you pplz favorite types are so that i can make a better choice
  5. ya chick ya

    When do ducks start to lay eggs??

    I have one grown up mallard female and shes at least 4 months if not more prob more but when will whe lay eggs and will she ever cuz i bought ducklings and put them in with her and does she need a male to lay????
  6. ya chick ya

    Mandarins Wanted!!

    I really want a few mandarins they are so kewl im not super rich but im willing to pay the price and the shipping cost id pay about 30 a chick
  7. ya chick ya

    what are all the different types of quail??

    I just recently got some quail and im not tottaly sure what they were. The person i bought then from didnt no either so im just wondering what ive got.
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